Libbey Glasses with Character

10 Libbey Glasses to Add Character

With a company history stretching back to 1818, Libbey has long been the source of high-quality glasses for much of the restaurant world. Generations of restaurateurs have passed down their preference for these durable tabletop supplies, so it's no surprise that many tabletops have become a little stale as owners purchase the same glassware for years on end. Some of Libbey's most popular glasses, like the Gibraltar cooler glass and the 1639HT, are used in thousands of restaurants around the world, but there's plenty more to choose from. Below are 10 Libbey glasses that can help add some character to your restaurant's tabletops.

Libbey Glasses with Style

Libbey's County Fair drinking jar is made to resemble Mason jars, allowing restaurants to work in some of the rustic themes that are common in farm-to-table eateries. This glass is designed to hold 1612 ounces when filled to the brim, and has a large, sturdy handle so it is comfortable to hold. The rooster design on the side gives this glass a distinct appearance that will stand out on any tabletop. The top of the glass is threaded like an authentic canning jar. Suitable for serving water, tea, soda, beer, and even mixed drinks, this glass can also be used as a candy jar, utensil container, or candleholder.

The Hobstar cooler glass features a geometric cut glass design that is based on the "Hob and Star" design from the 19th century. If your restaurant wants to take advantage of the vintage restaurant design trend1, this glass is an ideal addition to your tabletop. With a 16-ounce capacity, the Hobstar cooler works well for serving water, soda, and tea.

The Bravura cooler glass has a unique shape, with an asymmetrical build not often seen in glassware. The simple design uses a smooth, clear glass exterior with a slight lean and curve that can add some interest and motion to your tabletop. These hold 1634 ounces when filled to the brim, making it a perfect drinking glass for teas, sodas, and water, and also a viable option for many mixed drinks. This glass is covered by Libbey's Safedge Rim Guarantee, which means the company will replace the glass if the rim chips or cracks during normal usage.

The Aruba cooler glass from Libbey is available with a red or blue rim. These glasses are in a traditional cylindrical shape and feature smooth, clear glass from the bottom up until the red or blue accent on the rim, which allows you to add a splash of color to your drink presentation. Choose one color or mix and match the 16-ounce glasses to achieve the look you want. These glasses are part of the larger Aruba pattern, all of which include similar color accents, allowing you to coordinate all your glassware options.

The Vibe cooler glass looks fairly traditional at a glance, with a clear, smooth glass design, thick base, and cylindrical shape. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the glass is not actually fully cylindrical, with the sides curving in toward the rim ever so slightly, creating a non-traditional shape where the rim is slightly smaller than the base. This glass features Libbey's Safedge Rim Guarantee, which protects against chipping during normal usage.

The Libbey Governor Clinton soda glass has a curved, stair-like design with three levels of increasing width from the base to the rim. The glass is heat treated for durability, and carries Libbey's Safedge Rim Guarantee. This glass holds as much as 1512 ounces, making it suitable for the carbonated beverages referenced in its name, as well as water, tea, and other cold drinks.

The Hammered cooler glass from Libbey is made of clear glass with a textured design like that given metal by hammering. This 20-ounce glass has undergone Libbey's DuraTuff process, which is a heat treatment for pressed glass that increases durability and prevents shattering. This glass's design allows it to fit in with a wide range of décors and makes it versatile for serving soda, tea, water, and mixed drinks.

The elegant Palais long drink glass is a vintage cut glass design featuring striking etched lines. This glass is produced by famed German glassware manufacturer Nachtmann and distributed in the United States by Libbey. The 6-inch-tall glass holds 1514 ounces, making it ideal for use serving the mixed drinks it’s named for, as well as tea, soda, water, and juices, with the cut glass design refracting light to highlight brightly colored drinks inside. This graceful design will fit in perfectly with vintage and fine dining décor.

The Libbey Carats beverage glass is another option for operators looking to evoke a vintage feel in their décor. The design includes a diamond pattern around the bottom two-thirds of the glass that fades into smooth glass around the rim. This texture gives a cut-glass appearance, and also provides a better gripping surface. With a 14-ounce brim-full capacity, this glass works well for serving water, tea, soda, and some mixed drinks.

The Libbey Optiva cooler glass has a series of squared indentations around the lower part of the glass, giving it a unique appearance while making it easier to grip. Unlike many of the more unique designs, this glass is stackable to make it simple to store. The heavy base makes it stable, and Libbey's DuraTuff treatment prevents shattering and makes the glass more durable. The Optiva cooler glass holds 20 ounces, making it ideal for serving soda, tea, and water.

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