Getting the Most from Your iSi Whipper

iSi Whipper Tips

iSi whippers make it easy to wow diners with both traditional and cutting-edge culinary creations, ranging from beautiful desserts to savory espuma. These whippers are available in half-pint, pint, and quart sizes designed to bring haute cuisine to everyday kitchens. With a few tips, you can make your iSi whip an invaluable addition to your kitchen.

Tips for Operation

Operating an iSi creamer is easy, but you need to follow a few simple tips for the best results:

  1. Fill a clean canister with your ingredients. Use iSi's funnel and sieve to keep any solid food out of the whipper so your product will be dispensed with a smooth, uniform texture. Be sure not to exceed the "Max Fill" line.
  2. Insert the head gasket into the whipper's head. Screw the head onto the canister and screw the injection or decorator tip onto the dispensing valve.
  3. Drop the whipper charger into the charger holder and screw the charger holder onto the piercing mechanism until you hear the hissing sound of the gas filling the whipper. Repeat this step to add a second charger for larger containers.
  4. Shake the whipper vigorously 8 to 10 times.
  5. Remove charger and place the dust cap over the piercing mechanism.
  6. With the whipper upside down, make the "OK" signal with your hand and grip the neck of the canister with your thumb and index finger.
  7. With your pinkie, ring, and middle fingers squeezing the trigger, dispense your whipped concoction onto the food, drink, or plate. Be sure to keep the canister vertical as you operate the device.
  8. If the consistency of your product is not as thick as you’d like, shake one or two more times; there is no need to shake the container between applications.

Hints for Cleaning & Upkeep

Follow these guidelines to keep your iSi whipper working in top shape and its warranty intact.

  • To avoid warranty-voiding damage, use only iSi chargers.
  • A long brush is included with each whipper for cleaning your equipment's dispensing nozzle and nozzle adapter.
  • For hot applications, you can keep contents warm by putting the whipper in a bain marie set as high as 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Except for the charger holder and dust cap, the whipper is dishwasher safe.
  • When filled but not in use, the whipper can be refrigerated horizontally for several hours. Remember to completely empty, clean, and refill a whipper that has been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.

Which Whipper Works for What?

The Cream Profi Whip is ideal for creating flavored whipped creams and light desserts. Adding custom flavors to whipped cream is easy and lets you present seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice lattes and piña coladas.

The Gourmet Whip is a multi-functional whipper that can handle both hot and cold applications. It will help you to create light and fluffy foams, espumas, sauces, and infusions. Recipes that call for mashed potatoes can be lightened by substituting a silky, healthy cauliflower espuma. Consider taking your Rueben sandwiches to a new level with an espuma of horseradish.

The Thermo Whip comes in polished stainless steel and can keep products either hot or cold for as long as a few hours with its double-walled stainless steel, vacuum insulation. It comes with straight, tulip, and star tips to bring a unique presentation to your culinary creations. The non-slip silicone grip makes it easy to grip and use the whip.

The Thermo Xpress Whip has the same capabilities as the Thermo Whip, but in the form of a high-capacity, countertop unit. The Thermo Xpress Whip's free-standing design means it can also be used for self-service applications. Its riser tube system with push-button operation delivers hot and cold foams, sauces, soups, and creams. The non-slip drip tray and polished steel exterior make the unit attractive and easy to clean.

Chargers & Accessories

Consider stocking up on these essential iSi supplies and accessories so you can get the most from your iSi whipped cream dispenser.

  • To help maintain consistency from batch to batch, your whipper should only be charged with iSi chargers. Each charger contains 8 grams of nitrous oxide that will whip one pint of cream and yield three to four times the cream's original volume, generating savings of as much as 30 percent over aerosol whipped cream cans.
  • Another critical component for getting the most from your whipper is the funnel and sieve set. This kit removes the pulp, seeds, and kernels that can prevent the whipper contents from becoming fully and consistently whipped.
  • The iSi injector tip set includes four tips for injecting meats with marinades and filling all types of food from pastries to pasta.
  • iSi's decorator tip set includes a petal tip, a square tip, and a rose tip for decorating baked treats with imaginative patterns.
  • When you’ll be using your whipper for extended periods, consider a heat protection sleeve. The sleeve is made of silicon and will help keep users' hands safe and comfortable as they dispense hot products.