Pair Your Hoshizaki Ice Machine with the Right Bin

Pair Your Hoshizaki with the Right Bin

Shopping for a Hoshizaki ice maker head unit on its own allows you the flexibility to pair it with a bin that meets your needs. Some establishments need medium-volume production but high-volume storage capacity to be ready for serving a regular flow of customers throughout the day. Others may want a high-production head and a smaller bin to keep up with rush periods.

There are some challenges to making your own combination, instead of buying one already paired by the manufacturer. Undoubtedly, two of the most difficult are ensuring the Hoshizaki ice machine head and bin you choose can be used together, and determining what bin adapter or top kit, if any, you might need.

Fortunately, the folks at Hoshizaki have made it easy to find a match, providing a list of compatible head and bin pairings in their literature. They have also compiled that information into the easy-to-use table you see below, which can also tell you which ice bin adapter will make for a complete fit between the two components. Such a full seal is required to protect the quality of your ice and is checked by health inspectors. Additionally, it can help slow the melting of the ice in the bin.

The table shows which Hoshizaki ice maker pairs with what bin, and what adapter or kit make that possible. If you see two products listed as necessary for the match (i.e. “Need HS-2130 & HS-2034”), then each of those sold-separately pieces are required. If the square where the row and column for a given pairing meet has “N/A” in it, then those two models cannot be used together.

Once you’ve located the item or items you need, you can simply click on the product codes below to go to the pages for each of those accessories. Once there, you can choose to add them to your cart, then come back here if you need to find other pieces.