Hoshizaki & Stainless Steel: Better Machines, Better Ice

Hoshi Stainless

Hoshizaki has been a trusted name in commercial kitchen equipment for more than 50 years, but the company is especially known for its ice machines. Hoshizaki ice makers are designed to make a higher-quality cube more quickly and offer a longer-lasting piece of equipment that requires less maintenance, so the benefits of Hoshizaki ice don't begin or end once the cubes have been served. Read on to learn more about why Hoshizaki ice makers outperform the competition.

Benefits of Hoshizaki Ice Makers

Hoshizaki stainless steel evaporator vs competitor evaporator

Hoshizaki ice makers are designed with evaporator plates that give them superior performance and a longer life than other ice machines on the market. That's because Hoshizaki's competitors use evaporators made of nickel-plated steel, while Hoshizaki evaporators are constructed of 304-series stainless steel. This type of stainless steel consists of 18 percent chromium, 8 percent nickel, and no more than 0.08 percent carbon. It is a higher grade than 400-series stainless steel, which is used on components and exterior surfaces that don't come in contact with ice and water.

Because evaporator plates are constantly exposed to freezing water and to the minerals contained in that water, the nickel-plated steel used by Hoshizaki's competitors can become damaged by that exposure and eventually begin to corrode. In contrast, a Hoshizaki ice maker's stainless steel surface is more resistant to the corrosion caused by heavy water exposure and has no plating that can flake away, providing a more durable component.

The engineers at Hoshizaki understand that preventing the accumulation of minerals is a key factor in quality ice production and extending the machine's life. That's why they use 304-series stainless steel, which is naturally resistant to mineral buildup because of its antimagnetic properties. To further ensure the evaporator plate can stand up to a commercial kitchen's demand for constant and high-volume production while creating clearer and purer Hoshizaki ice, the CycleSaver feature flushes minerals off of the ice-making components every hour.

The stainless steel evaporator in a Hoshizaki ice maker also provides benefits to the operator, as it does not have to be maintained as frequently. When it does need to be cleaned, the stainless steel components can stand up to stronger chemical cleaners than their nickel-plated competitors, which gives operators more purchasing freedom and results in a more sanitary unit.