Hobart Combination Food Processor

Versatile Food Prep with the Hobart HCC34

Commercial food processors are naturally versatile pieces because they have the ability to chop a wide range of food products. The Hobart HCC34 food processor brings some additional versatility to the kitchen, as it is able to work as both a bowl-style and a continuous-feed processor. This single piece of equipment gives you the ability to slice, dice, grate, shred, julienne, chop, grind, mix, blend, mince, and purée in one small footprint.

Bowl vs. Continuous

Bowl-type and continuous-feed food processors provide very different functions in a commercial kitchen. The Hobart HCC34 is capable of converting between these two modes, giving operators more food prep options in on piece of equipment. Below is what each method is capable of producing.

Bowl-style Food Processing

When the HCC34 food processor is in bowl mode, it has two available speeds: 1,450 RPM and 2,650 RPM. The lower speed is suitable for delicate items like herbs and salsa, while the higher speed is ideal for emulsifying and puréeing. The unit's SureSense™ control will sense whether the bowl or continuous feed head is on to be sure the right speed options are available. A pulse function is also available to ensure complete control over the consistency of the final product. The stainless steel bowl has a 3.2-quart capacity, and includes wiper arms that scrape down the side of the bowl to prevent clumps and eliminate the need to pause for manual scraping. The bowl has a clear plastic cover that allows you to see the product being processed inside. The cover is also interlocked to prevent the food processor from running without the lid being properly in place.

Continuous Feed Food Processing

When the continuous feed head is installed, the HCC34 food processor uses plates to produce a wide range of cuts, slices, shreds, dices, and grates. A half-moon shaped hopper allows you to feed products in continuously, and the feeder dispenses the finished product out and down for collection in a food pan of your choosing. There are two speed options in continuous feed mode, 500 and 800 RPM, in addition to the pulse function. The higher speed is meant for dense foods like potatoes and carrots, while the lower speed is perfect for softer, more delicate foods like tomatoes. A double safety interlock only allows the processor to run when the continuous feed head is properly attached and the pusher plate is down, ensuring the knife is never exposed while the motor is running. This mode can be used for prepping produce, bread, cheese, nuts, or meat, though cheese and meat should not be diced with this model.

HCC34 Standard Features

The Hobart combination food processor has a 112-horsepower motor housed in a durable aluminum base. The bowl and continuous feed processing head can be changed out easily without the use of tools, and safety interlocks ensure that these parts are properly locked into place before the motor will run. Integral handles make moving this compact food processor simple.

The Hobart HCC34 is operated by a single control, a dial that can be used to choose between two speeds as well as off and pulse. Those speeds are different depending on whether the head or bowl are attached, with the built-in SureSense technology ensuring the correct speeds are used. Four rubber feet keep the food processor firmly in place while it's in use. A 6-foot-long electrical cord and plug are included to make it simple to move the food processor around the kitchen as needed.


A 532-inch slicer, 532-inch shredder, and 38-inch dicing set are all included with the purchase of the Hobart HCC34, but many other options are available to meet your food prep needs. Some of the plates are all in one piece, while others have a removable stainless steel knife so that the whole plate does not need to be replaced when the knife dulls. Below are the plate options available to meet your food prep needs.

Fixed KnifeReplaceable Knife
Standard Slicer Plate 132-in., 564-in., 532-in., 732-in., and 532-in. crimping132-in., 116-in., 18-in., 532-in., 732-in., 516-in., 38-in., and 532-in. crimping
Soft Slicer PlateNone516-in., 38-in., 12-in., 58-in.
Julienne Cutter Plate564-in. and 532-in.564-in., 532-in., and 516-in.
Shredder Plate564-in., 532-in., and 732-in.116-in., 564-in., 18-in., 316-in., 732-in., 516-in., and 38-in.
Grater PlateNoneEntire plate is replaceable in a plastic frame. Fine and hard cheese plates are available.
Dicing Grid516-in. x 516-in, 38-in. x 38-in., 12-in. x 12-in., 58-in. x 58-in.None