Hobart ENERGY STAR Dishwasher Buyers' Guide

Hobart Offers Energy-Efficient Commercial Dishwashers

Hobart, which has been providing equipment to the foodservice industry for more than 100 years, offers several warewashing machines that have been ENERGY STAR qualified. Because Hobart dishwashers are at least 25 percent more energy- and water-efficient than non-ENERGY STAR appliances, installing one in your commercial kitchen can save your operation as much as $1,000 per year by lowering utility and water costs. 1

LXe & Advansys LXe Undercounter Dishwashers

Hobart's undercounter dishwasher is available in the base LXe model or in the more advanced Advansys LXe model. These compact appliances are perfect for smaller spaces that need an efficient, high-powered dishwasher. They're built with a 17-inch door that makes them easy to access and use.

The base model includes a smart display, normal cycle option, delime notification, low chemical alert indicators, removable stainless steel scrap screen, and a corrosion-resistant pump. With two dishracks and cycle times between 105 and 109 seconds, the LXe dishwasher can wash between 32 and 34 racks per hour and uses .74 gallons of water per rack. This dishwasher allows you to wash between 800 and 850 dishes per hour at 25 dishes per rack. With 36 glasses per rack, the LXe can wash between 1,152 and 1,224 glasses per hour.

The Advansys model has low-temp and high-temp settings, as well as three cycle options: light, normal, or heavy, which is also NSF pot-and-pan certified. Additionally, the Advansys models feature steam elimination and energy recovery, a cool-water rinse to remove chemical sanitizer residue called PuriRinse, an automatic delime cycle, snap-in rinse arm, and clogged arm notification. The high-temp setting uses .62 gallons of water per rack, while the low temp uses 1.14. Depending on the setting chosen, the Advansys model has cycle times of 94 to 275 seconds, and can wash between 13 to 38 racks per hour, which equates to as many as 950 dishes per hour or 1,368 glasses per hour.

UW50 Utensil Washer

Able to accommodate 16 full-sized sheet pans or a 140-quart mixing bowl, the fully-automatic UW50 is equipped to thoroughly clean utensils and pans. At 79-inches tall and 47-inches wide, with a front-loading, split-door configuration, this Hobart dishwasher uses 2.1 gallons of water per rack. With timed wash cycles of 2, 4, or 6 minutes, it can wash 19, 12, or 9 racks per hour.

Additional features include two upper and lower revolving, non-clogging wash arms and rinse arms, removable scrap screen and bucket, a final sanitizing rinse cycle of 180 degrees F, thermal overload protection, and optional vent fan control.

AM Select Door-Style Washer

The AM Select can provide the work of two warewashers in one machine. NSF-certified to wash pots and pans, dishes, glasses, and utensils, the AM Select dishwasher uses only .74 gallons of water per rack. It is available in the base model or as a tall or front-loading machine to better suit your kitchen layout and your needs.

All three models come with four wash cycles timed for 1, 2, 4, or 6 minutes. The AM Select and AM Select Tall can wash 58 racks per hour with the hot water sanitizing setting, or 65 racks per hour with the chemical sanitizing setting. The AM Select Front-loading dishwasher can wash 41 racks per hour with the hot water sanitizing setting, or 45 racks per hour with the chemical sanitizing setting. The AM Select Tall and Front-loading models have a 27-inch door opening to accommodate 18x26-inch sheet pans or a 60-quart mixing bowl.

Additional features include a self-draining, high-efficiency pump and impeller, standard vent fan control, delime notification and cycle, Sense-A-Temp electric booster heater, and microcomputer control system.

CLe Conveyor Type Warewasher

The most heavy duty of the ENERGY STAR Hobart dishwashers, the CLe conveyor warewasher can clean 202 racks per hour at .62 gallons of water per rack. That means it can wash 5,025 dishes per hour and 9,045 glasses per hour. Available with left-to-right or right-to-left conveying options and a C-Line side loader that could help you save 20 square feet in your layout, the CLe dishwasher is 68.5 inches tall and either 66.75 or 44.75 inches wide.

Additional features include a standard OptiRinse system, which uses 50 percent less energy and water, as well as large, hinged doors that make cleaning easier, Hobart's exclusive Rapid Return conveyor drive mechanism, low temperature alert, delime notification, anti-clogging wash arms, hot water or low temperature final rinse options, and vent fan and booster heater controls.

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