Hobart Commercial Equipment is Trusted by Chefs

Hobart Kitchen Equipment

For more than 115 years, Hobart kitchen equipment has been a standard in restaurants the world over, from the company’s first electric motors to the innovative Hobart mixers and dishwashers of today. That’s why KaTom is proud to partner with Hobart to offer its large catalog of quality products to our customers.

Like with any purchase of foodservice equipment, whether it’s your first buy or a replacement, the most important consideration in shopping Hobart restaurant equipment lines with KaTom is knowing what’s on the menu. That will decide whether you need a fryer and a combi oven, or a mixer and a griddle. So keep your plates in mind as you read on.

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Hobart Commercial Fryers

Perfect for: Battered and breaded foods from catfish to onion rings

Why Hobart?: Hobart commercial fryers are versatile and the company’s gas units are 53 percent more efficient than their closest competitors, which either means more money or utility savings for you.

Hobart Commercial Fryer

Hobart offers all-stainless-steel tube-type fryers perfect for cooking most anything battered or breaded, from cheese sticks to chicken. The company provides the most efficient gas fryers on the market, with models that are 53 percent more efficient than the nearest competitor.

Hobart has also found ways to make working with their fryers easier. All these units include a compensating computer that can help reduce product loss and offer melt cycles for adding solid shortening. Standard on all Hobart electric fryers, the heating elements swing up for easy cleaning of the sediment zone. The gas models offer electronic ignition, meaning the operator doesn’t have to light the pilot. And Hobart offers a host of accessories and options for their fryers that all you to customize a unit for your kitchen.

Hobart fryers are available from KaTom in 50-pound units that are something of a restaurant kitchen standard and heavy-duty 85-90-pound models that come equipped with an in-unit oil filtration system. Those larger fryers allow for volume output that is great for busy eateries.

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Hobart Commercial Slicers

Perfect for: Delis and sandwich shops, places that make roasts and other items fresh that could use a quick cut

Why Hobart?: Whether you need a standard slicer or one that’s a bit more productive, Hobart commercial slicers offer exclusive touches like a removable carriage system and Microban antimicrobial protection. You'll find a wide range of Hobart slicers that can handle both regular and high-demand work, with features that allow for higher yield, easier cleaning, and consistent quality.

Heavy-duty Commercial Slicers

Hobart Heavy-Duty Slicer

The flagship line of heavy-duty Hobart commercial slicers is the 3000 Series, which was recently completely revamped using suggestions from real-world users, meaning touches from top to bottom that make them easier to use. That's all about making sure you get the most productive, simplest-to-operate, and safest slicer on the market. From zero knife exposure to a removable carriage tray, the 3000 Series is packed with features that will make it a welcome addition to any foodservice operation.

The Hobart 2000 Series is also a line of heavy-duty slicers. Each model comes with Hobart’s trademarked CleanCut knife for exacting results, the exclusive removable carriage system, and a top-mounted Borazon stone sharpener. The unit is also treated with Microban’s antimicrobial protection, which helps fight bacterial growth between regular cleanings.

Medium-duty Hobart commercial slicers

Hobart Edge Slicer

In the medium-duty grade of commercial slicer, Hobart offers the Edge and Edge12 slicers, both perfectly suited for medium-duty slicing. Each model offers features like anodized aluminum bodies that protect against bacterial growth and Hobart’s exclusive Poly V Belt Drive System, which allows for a quieter and more efficient slicer. Hobart commercial slicers are available with a range of options that allow you the chance to change things like knife size and whether the system is manual, meaning the operator must move the carriage by the blade, or automatic, in which all the work is done by the machine. Units are available that can make slices from tissue-thin up to 1.25 inches in thickness.

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Hobart Commercial Peelers

Perfect for: Kitchens that will serve a lot of root vegetables.

Why Hobart?: Hobart commercial peelers are heavy-duty, durable units that can clean from 15 to 60 pounds of potatoes in just 3 minutes, all with a timer that can be adjusted to keep the product turning in 30-second increments up to 4 minutes.

Hobart Commercial Peeler

With a stainless steel body and drive shaft, and a heavy-duty motor, they’re built for high yields over a long life. They reduce waste, increase portions per load, and can plow through from 15 to 60 pounds of potatoes in just three minutes. The silicon carbide abrasive disk is easily removed, meaning it’s easier to clean. Simple switches, a Lexan liner, and a heavy-duty polyester plastic hopper cover also ensure these units are easy to keep spic and span.

To help make its commercial peelers even more easy to use, Hobart builds them with a timer that can be adjusted in any increment from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, which means they can be changed to meet either the load or based on how much peel you want to leave on.

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Hobart Commercial Food Processors

Perfect for: Chopping and blending larger ingredients for things like salsas and sauces

Why Hobart?: Hobart food processors offer patented features that push food products to the blades, which cuts processing times, saving labor and utility costs.

KaTom offers a wide selection of Hobart commercial food processors in both bowl-type and continuous-feed models. They all come with the sort of features you’d expect from Hobart. The largest models in the group can power through 5,280 pounds of food per hour, while the medium-duty bowl-style food processors are equipped with patented COOLCUTTER knife system that promotes productivity and product consistency.

Commercial Bowl-Type Food Processors

Hobart Continuous-Feed Food Processor

The right fit for smaller restaurant kitchens, Hobart’s commercial bowl-type food processors, which have motors ranging from 0.75 to 2 horsepower, come with unique touches that eliminate some hassle. Inside the units, a device patented by Hobart scrapes the product down toward the blades to ensure even processing. Rubber feet prevent these processors from moving around the countertop as they work and a compact design means they take up less counter space. This Hobart restaurant equipment is built durable from top to bottom, with Xylex covers and stainless steel bowls. A unique triple-safety interlock helps protect the operator from exposure to the moving blades. Certain units also offer Hobart’s exclusive COOLCUTTER knife system, which uses two serrated cutting knives and a pair of turning knives to force the product into the blades. That results in reduced processing times and helps cut product temperature rise related to longer grinding.

Continuous-Feed Commercial Food Processors

Hobart Continuous-Feed Food Processors

One of the major problems with ordinary continuous-feed processors is that they have a tendency to stall under heavy loads. Hobart builds theirs with a unique planetary drive system that helps prevent that and enables them to keep running without time between batches. That also makes them capable of handling loads ranging from 660 to a whopping 5,280 pounds of product per hour. Heavy-duty blades, high-torque motors, large aluminum feed hoppers, and an innovative de-coring screw that keeps products away from the plate hub provide faster and more consistent results. And it’s all under the command of a few simple controls.

Hobart Food Cutters

Hobart Food Cutter

These versatile machines can break food products into small and uniform pieces using two cutlery-grade stainless steel knives. The result is perfect for salads, stuffings, crumbs for breading, and anything else you might need broken down.

Hobart food cutters are built with burnished, one-piece aluminum housings and bowl covers, which makes them easy to clean and eliminates places where bacteria can grow. The bowl cover, knives, and bowl are all easy to remove for cleaning, without the need for tools. A safety interlock system keeps the machine from working if the bowl cover is not properly locked in place.

The 84145 models have 14-inch stainless steel bowls and 1/2-horsepower motors, while the larger 84186 units have 18-inch stainless bowls and 1-horsepower motors.

Hobart Cutter Mixers

Hobart Cutter Mixer

These models combine the cutting power of a food processor with the blending power of a Hobart mixer. What you end up with is a machine that can power through foods, chopping them down to a specified size, then mixing them to provide a consistent product. With the a center spout for adding wet ingredients as the unit is working, they can help you produce and knead 36 pounds of bread dough in 2.5 minutes or cut and mix 35 pounds of chopped potatoes in half a minute.

These units have a 45-quart stainless steel bowl with a pouring lip and a 90-degree tilt feature that makes moving the mixtures they produce easier. A clear Lexan bowl cover and 5-minute timer allow you to ensure an even mix, while the 5-horsepower motor capable of 1,140 RPM can power through even bulky mixtures.

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Hobart Commercial Dishwashers

Perfect for: Any commercial kitchen with tableware, utensils, cookware, or glasses to wash, particularly those that deal with those items in large numbers.

Why Hobart?: Hobart commercial dishwashers offer features that can save you time, effort, and money. The company also has a range of ENERGY STAR-rated models and even a ventless warewasher, which saves you money from not having to install or run a hood, and in water heating costs.

Hobart’s experience and dedication to innovation really shine through in this category, which ranges from space-saving undercounter units to standard door-type models to low temperature warewashers that can help save money on utilities.

Hobart Undercounter Dishwashers

Hobart LXeH2 Undercounter Dishwasher

KaTom offers high-temp and low-temp models of Hobart commercial undercounter warewasher. Their models are industry leaders, using less than a gallon of water per rack, earning them ENERGY STAR ratings while retaining the ability to clear more than 30 racks an hour. Hobart gives its high-temp models an exclusive Sense-A-Temp booster heater that ensures your serving and cooking equipment comes out clean and sanitized. Low-temp versions of these dishwashers offer features to make operation much easier, with auto-prime sanitizer pumps and low-chemical warning lights. Most models offer one-touch control, with a large green button to start the wash cycle.

Hobart Door-Type Warewashers

Hobart Door-Type Dishwasher

When it comes to door-type warewashers, Hobart offers you options. There are low-temp units that sanitize with chemicals, saving you money on utilities, and units with Sense-A-Temp booster heaters that quickly get water to a sanitizing 180 degrees, a system patented by Hobart. Both come with easy-to-use controls, durable stainless steel construction, and a Hobart-exclusive deliming cycle.

You may even have the option of foregoing a vent system for your warewasher with the Hobart advansys ventless dishwashers, which come with innovations that put them years ahead of other units currently on the market. During the washing process, steam is captured in the top of the unit. When your dishes are clean, water for the next cycle begins to flow in through metal coils in the upper area of the compartment. As it does, the steam condenses around it and is drained out as water, eliminating the need to vent that hot vapor. Meanwhile, the flow of water inside the coils is heated, saving you money both on running a hood to capture the heated moisture and on raising the intake water to the proper level.

According to Hobart's calculations, that means potential savings of $5,068 in the first year from utility cost reductions and not installing a hood, and $1,568 every year you keep it in your kitchen. These advansys ventless warewashers are also available in front-load models.

Hobart Utensil Washers

Hobart Utensil Washer

Hobart offers front-load utensil / pan washers suitable for the busiest kitchens, with durable 16-gauge stainless steel construction, solid-state heat controls, heavy-duty doors and hinges, and enough room behind the split doors to accept 16 full-size sheet pans or even a 140-quart mixing bowl. To help make those big loads a breeze, the lower door is pulled down, providing a shelf that can hold the stainless steel, pull-out rack. These units offer three wash cycle options to meet your needs and crank 2.1 gallons through a pair of revolving, debossed, anti-clogging wash arms on the top and bottom.

Hobart Conveyor Warewashers

Hobart Conveyor Dishwasher

The perfect unit for the busiest kitchens, the Hobart CLe conveyor-type dishwasher is the most popular and efficient on the market today. It brings an ENERGY STAR rating, exclusive Opti-Rinse technology that cuts energy and water usage in half, and resulting potential annual savings of $9,192. Inside the unit, an auto-timer shuts off the pumps and conveyor if there are no racks in the machine, a patented Power Scrapper prewash removes even stuck-on food, and each tank is replenished with heated water from the prior one, saving energy and water. The drains are actuated by the opening and closing of the doors, meaning they’re certain to be in the right position, while Hobart’s patent-pending thermal layered curtains reduce heat loss on both ends of the process. Despite all the details that cut down on what it takes to run the machines, they can still handle as many as 8,550 dishes an hour.

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Hobart Commercial Ovens

Perfect for: Meats and especially chicken (rotisserie), steamed foods and breads (combination oven), and general baking and roasting (convection)

Why Hobart?: Hobart commercial ovens include three types of oven, each of which have Hobart innovations that assure good things like even heating and consistent results

Hobart Convection Ovens

Hobart Convection Oven

Hobart’s commercial convection ovens offer consistent heating with options. For instance, every model offered by KaTom is available in both electric and gas models, which further divide with the ability to run on natural gas or propane. Because they’re convection units, they bake quicker and provide the predictable results your signature recipes need. Because they’re Hobart kitchen equipment, they come with the only nationwide, factory-trained service organization from the manufacturer. They’re available in half-size countertop units, and single- and double-deck floor models.

Hobart Rotisserie Ovens

Hobart Rotisserie Oven

Hobart commercial rotisserie ovens provide flavorful cooking for as many as 269 chickens in a nine-hour day, far better than the 210 produced by a comparable unit. That’s accomplished through a 22 percent faster cooking cycle, meaning you have more potential sales with more product prepared and save money on utilities. As a meaningful comparison, consider a kitchen where six loads of 35 chickens each are cooked per day. Based on average energy rates, that would cost $7.14 every day. A 22 percent faster cooking process, however, could accomplish the same work in less time, meaning a daily savings of $1.57. Over the course of a year, that adds up to as much as $573.05. Or, if you prefer to keep the oven running that extra time and producing more product, you could reap considerable extra revenue.

But the features aren’t just limited to the cook cycle. Hobart’s commercial rotisseries are also completely self-cleaning, with the simple press of a button initiating a sequence that takes no more work on the part of the operator. Additionally, these units have one-touch operation, with programmable cooking programs set to a number keypad. As the oven moves through the process, a digital screen shows the status, from preheating to cooking to holding, all within time frames you set.

Hobart Combi Ovens

Hobart Combination Oven

Hobart combi ovens offer three cooking modes: Convection, steam, and combination. That makes them capable of an amazing range of tasks. Obviously, they can provide healthy steamed foods and a cooking method that's both efficient and helps your products retain moisture. Combi ovens are being used for everything from vegetables to steaks. For the latter, they can produce meat that is tender and juicy, though they can't achieve the browning customers look for. To get that, they must be finished with restaurant equipment used for searing, like a flattop or charbroiler. They're also great for producing moist baked goods and breads with beautiful brown crusts, though for a baking-intensive business, a proofer is still a better choice.

Hobart equips its combination ovens with humidity and temperature controls, and water filtration systems for boiler-based units. The company’s exclusive four-speed, auto-reversing fan with electrical braking allows for precise control of airflow. That means consistent cooking without the need to rotate product.

Hobart also offers a remarkable add-on that could easily pay for itself over time in labor and product-loss reductions. The optional Hobart combi barcode scanner comes with computer software that allows you to create a barcode tied to every recipe in your menu. Each is cataloged and can be easily read by an included remote scanner. That’s all it takes to get exactly the cooking program and the consistent results you need for your featured dish, from lasagna to chicken cordon bleu. You can even track the progress of your dishes with Bluetooth connectivity that can send alerts to your phone or other connected device.

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Hobart Commercial Disposers

Perfect for: Any foodservice operation with a need to get rid of food scraps

Why Hobart?: Heavy-duty units with features that ensure faster grinding and keep food waste in the blades, so it’s all cleared out of the unit.

Hobart Commercial Disposal

Most commercial kitchens have a lot of organic waste scraps that could quickly fill their trash cans. Installing a commercial disposer can allow you to do just that without constantly loading up your trash cans.

KaTom offers Hobart commercial food waste disposers with two hardened stainless steel cutter blocks, a breaker blade that prevents food from getting stuck on the wheel, and precision-machined Ni-Resist flywheels to cut particles to easily-cleared pieces. Anything that remains is processed by stationary shredder rings with 40 or more grinding teeth, producing gray water easily flushed down normal drains. Those units can be reversed to run in the opposite direction, helping to clear jams.

At the heart of each unit is a motor rated for continuous duty, meaning it can keep running consistently for more than 60 minutes at a time without overheating. To reduce operating noise as they do their work, they are surrounded by heavy aluminum housings. They also have vinyl isolating rings, that reduce vibration in the unit and, in turn, also cut the audible output.

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Hobart Commercial Mixers

Perfect for: Creating recipes that involve mixing wet and/or dry ingredients, especially things like dough

Why Hobart?: Exclusive swing-out bowls, and reliable belt-driven motors that plow through large and heavy batches.

Hobart Commercial Mixer

KaTom offers both countertop and floor-model Hobart commercial mixers that can handle from 5 quarts to 140, or as much as 220 pounds of dough. These units are great for everything from blending ingredients for a single bottle of your specialty barbecue sauce to mixing up dough for thousands of cookies in a single day. Along the way, Hobart mixers offer features that make your life a little easier like swing-out bowls available on the Legacy line and bowl lifts for floor units that mean you don’t have to hoist those hefty loads of dough.

The countertop mixers are perfect for smaller operations or those that don’t do a lot of recipe work, while floor mixers can handle the heavy loads of a busier kitchen. Spiral mixers, with their wide bowls and strong motors, are great for commissaries and bakeries, while pizzerias would do well with a specialty Hobart pizza mixer.

For more help in this category of Hobart restaurant equipment, check out our Hobart mixer buying guide.

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Hobart Commercial Scales

Perfect for: Providing consistent portions, measuring for recipes, delis, and fresh produce markets

Why Hobart?: From color touch screens to labelers that can give your customers nutrition information and recipes, there’s a reason Hobart scales are the best-selling ones on the market.

Hobart got into the scale business through its acquisition of the Dayton Scale Company in the mid-1930s. Since then it has pushed the leading edge of technology from countertop units to floor models to hanging scales.

Hobart HLX Service Scale

Hobart Countertop Scale

These compact countertop mixers offer a 10.4-inch, full-color touch screen display that makes operation simple. The system can actually teach the user important product information. Meanwhile, a 7-inch color display keeps the customer informed. These scales help increase your profitability with exacting measurements. They also offer programs, in a Windows XP operating system, that allow you to label products with sell-by dates and even a tracking system that keeps operators posted on shelf life for every food in stock. Additionally, they offer a precise label printer, which can produce everything from frequent-shopper price comparisons to intricate graphics with precision.

Hobart QuantumMax and QuantumM-1 Scales

Hobart Quantum Scales

These lines are North America’s leading service scale, especially popular with regional and national grocery chains. They’re great on the deli counter and equally adept in the kitchen, where they can help with portion consistency. Use is easy and intuitive, with an ATM-style console and a screen that displays all PLU data, including unit price, weight, and sell-by date. All of that information can be produced on a detailed label that can also include nutritional information, ingredient data, cooking instructions, cross-merchandising promotions, or anything else you might want to show your customers.

Finally, QuantumMax scales and QuantumM-1 scales help improve your productivity with a supervisor capability that allows you to audit all totals for the period. In addition to getting production totals, you can also program the unit to display information like how advertised items are selling and if new products are moving.

Hobart Bench Scales

Hobart Bench Scale

Hobart bench scales are used in many commercial kitchens from receiving through preparation. At the dock, they can be used to ensure your shipments are correct. In the kitchen, they're great for measuring loads of dough prepared in a Hobart spiral mixer and for portion packaging. These models can run off an internal battery or with power supplied by an included AC/DC adapter.

Hobart Hanging Scales

Hobart Hanging Scale

KaTom offers the PR30 series of Hobart hanging scale, dial-faced measurement tools commonly found in places like produce markets. With a pair of automatic dampeners to reduce indicator oscillations, they can provide readings instantaneously on either side of the two-faced dial. Meanwhile, a temperature compensating weighing mechanism ensures accuracy, while other scales can become tight or sluggish in extreme temperatures. Finally, Hobart commercial hanging scales are easy to clean from top to bottom.

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Hobart Griddles

Perfect for: Any kind of commercial kitchen, whether you’re serving pancakes, burgers, or any of a countless number of other cooked foods.

Why Hobart?: These griddles can respond quickly to handle the meal-time rush, even if you’re cooking food straight from the freezer on one.

Hobart Griddle

The Hobart CG Series of countertop electric griddles have 1/2-inch-thick polished steel cooking surfaces capable of fast preheating and recovery, keeping heat distribution uniform, even at peak volumes. Units range from 24- to 72-inches wide, all with 24-inch deep griddles and all bounded by 3-inch stainless steel back and side splashes. For every 12 inches of griddle width, there are two solid-sheathed heating elements, one snap-action thermostat and a cycling light. The thermostats allow for adjustment of the cooking temperature from 200 to 450 degrees. These griddles also come with wide front grease troughs and a large-capacity grease drawer.

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Hobart Salad Dryers

Perfect for: Buffets, catering businesses, and any eatery serving large volumes of salad

Why Hobart?: Gentle spinning speeds remove water without damage to delicate salad greens, helping you extend shelf life and reduce salad dressing costs.

Hobart Salad Dryer

With surveys indicating more than 80 percent of Americans eat at least one salad a week, having a salad dryer on hand could help you maximize your profit. Hobart salad dryers are available with either polyethylene or stainless steel outer tubs and lids, though both options have a one-piece, molded base of steel-reinforced polyethylene and a built-in stainless steel motor splash guard. The 405-RPM motor gently removes excess water without damaging or bruising the greens within a matter of minutes. The duration of the cycle is controlled by an easy-to-use timer on the top of the unit. The handled, polyethylene spin basket can hold up to 16 heads, or one case, of lettuce at a time.

Using a salad dryer can add as much as three days to the shelf life of your greens and can reduce dressing costs by as much as 15 percent simply by reducing dilution from leftover water.

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Hobart Toasters

Hobart Commercial Toaster

Perfect for: Coffee shops, bagel places, hotel breakfast rooms, sandwich shops

Why Hobart?: Innovations that ensure even heating.

Hobart commercial toasters have solid state temperature sensors and probes that get the element to the right heating level. All these units have solid stainless steel exteriors with seamless, single-piece fronts and tops that make them easy to clean. They come in sizes that can handle from two to 16 slices at a time.

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Hobart Vacuum Packaging Machines

Hobart Vacuum Packager

Perfect for: Any foodservice operation that needs to save time by preparing foods in advance or needs a safe way to preserve leftovers.

Why Hobart?: Hobart vacuum packaging systems have a compact, countertop design with available digital or analog controls and the ability to do as many as three cycles per minute.

The H-Series of vacuum packagers is ideal for small- to medium-sized operations. They offer a unique lid hinging system that creates a larger opening angle, so it's easier to load and take sealed items out. A quick-change, 16-inch seal bar allows for effortless operation. The heavy-duty, 1.25-horsepower BUSCH 021 vacuum pump can deliver years of service and can perform up to three cycles per minute. The whole unit is operated by either an easy-to-use digital read-out or analog controls on the front.

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Hobart Accessories

Perfect for: Customizing your Hobart restaurant equipment to meet your exact needs

There is a long list of Hobart accessories and options that help make each unit the right one for you. From fine slicer plates for use in continuous-feed mixers to pre-packed printer paper for scales, KaTom has what you need to customize your Hobart equipment.

If you have further questions about any Hobart restaurant equipment, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-541-8683 or by e-mail at info@katom.com.