Try a Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender at No Risk

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender

Hamilton Beach Commercial provides dependable blenders for virtually any foodservice application, from blending smoothies and frozen cocktails to puréeing fresh produce. To further prove to customers that their blenders are a reliable choice, Hamilton Beach is offering a money-back guarantee on several of their most popular commercial blenders. This offer means that if you purchase a qualifying Hamilton Beach blender and aren't completely satisfied with the performance of the equipment, simply return it to us and we'll refund your money. This Hamilton Beach Commercial offer runs through the end of 2016 and includes three frozen beverage blenders and two food blenders.

Qualifying Blender Models

Hamilton Beach's money-back guarantee covers the following five blender models available through KaTom.

  • The HBH550 Fury is a medium-volume smoothie blender that can power through at least 50 servings of smoothies and frozen beverages a day. The Fury's controls keep it simple, with a paddle switch each for power and High/Low/Pulse settings and a separate timer control dial.
  • The HBH650 Tempest can blend a 16-ounce margarita in 12 seconds. That speed is thanks to its powerful 3-HP motor and a Wave~Action system that creates quick, even blends. Easy-to-clean touch pad controls are accompanied by a dial control that lets users set blend times up to 40 seconds in 5-second increments.
  • The HBH850 Summit is made for blending drinks behind the bar. Its sound enclosure keeps the noise it generates to a minimum so it won't disturb your bar guests as you whip up their smoothies and frozen cocktails. The Summit is also made with an Auto Blend sensor system that monitors the power output of the motor to determine when the drink has reached its optimal consistency.
  • The HBF600 Expeditor food blender is built to grind, chop, purée, blend, and emulsify virtually any combination of foods to quickly prepare sauces, soups, sides, and more. A variable speed control, pulse function, and chop function give users precision control over the consistency of each batch. A dosing cup allows users to add liquids while blending without having to remove the lid. The HBF600S has all those same features, but with a stainless steel jar in lieu of the HBF600's polycarbonate container.

Each Hamilton Beach blender that qualifies for this offer is built with the Wave~Action blending system, a feature that keeps product circulating through the blade. Compared to traditional blenders that let products spin around the outside of the jar, the Wave~Action system provides a smoother blend quickly.

These blenders are also each built with an all-metal clutch that gives them the durability to power through dozens of drink a day. Both the HBH550 and HBH650 can handle 50 or more servings each day, and the HBH850 can handle 75 drinks or more each day. The HBF600 and HBF600S are each equipped with a temperature gauge that alerts operators if the motor is being overworked.

Blender Comparison Table

Motor HP33333
Container Capacity64 oz.64 oz.64 oz.64 oz.64 oz.
ControlsPaddle Switches/Dial TimerPadde Switches/Dial TimerTouch PadTouch Pad and Dial TimerTouch Pad and Dial Timer
Blends FoodNoNoNoYesYes
Special FeaturesSimple paddle switch operationJump cycleSound enclosureChop functionStainless steel jar