Globe E-Series Slicers Shave Costs & Labor

Globe Slicer E-Series

Globe is a company well known for its slicers, a line of equipment that has snagged Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine's Best in Class award in 2014 and 2015. This broad line offers solutions for any business, from supermarkets that need to slice meat and cheese for hours a day to the mom and pop eateries that serve a few sandwiches at lunch time. It's the latter segment of small, family-owned eateries that the folks at Globe had in mind when they introduced the Chefmate E-series line of commercial slicers.

These manual slicers offer the quality Globe is known for in a light-duty package. E-series slicers are economy models that can handle up to an hour or slicing a day. Having one can equip you to add a Monte Cristo, cheesesteak, or Rueben to your menu and supplement your café fare with handcrafted sandwiches made with freshly sliced meats and vegetables.

The Series

Globe Chefmate slicers are designed to be economical alternatives to heavy-duty slicers for low-volume needs. Each lightweight, space-saving model offers a number of features that will provide considerable bang for your buck:

  • Anodized aluminum construction is lightweight and durable.
  • Special alloy knife is hard-chromed for corrosion resistance and edge retention.
  • Top-mounted knife sharpener ensures that the blade is easy to keep sharp.
  • Encased controls are protected from debris and moisture.
  • Motor is protected from overheating by thermal overload switch.
  • Angled feed chute takes advantage of gravity to pull the food through the slicer, making the slicer safe and convenient to use.
  • Sealed splash zone keeps electronics protected and sanitary.
  • Metal bottom enclosure helps keep the bottom of the unit free from food and dust.
  • Rubber feet help keep the unit from slipping during operation.

Globe E220

The E220 compact manual slicer features a 9-inch blade that will slice meat and vegetables in a range from thinly shaved to 916-inch-thick. This unit is recommended for smaller establishments that expect to run the machine less than 30 minutes a day. The 14-horsepower motor is belt-driven, and the chute will accommodate products as large as 614 inches in diameter. The compact footprint of this machine makes it an easy addition for areas where space is limited.

Globe E250

Like the E220, the E250 will slice meat and vegetables from a translucent thinness to slices that are 916-inch-thick. The 10-inch blade and 14-horsepower motor of this equipment is suitable for establishments that running it 30-45 minutes a day. This Globe Chefmate slicer can handle products as large as 678 inches in diameter. The footprint for this unit is 1612 inches deep and 13 inches wide.

Globe E300

The E300 provides the same thickness control as the other two models, but is equipped with a more powerful 13-horsepower motor that enables it to be in operation for up to an hour a day. It is capable of slicing cheese for about 15 minutes a day and can handle foods with a diameter as large as 8 inches. The footprint of this unit measures a compact 1812 inches deep by 1312 inches wide.

Sanitation Considerations

Sanitation should be the No. 1 priority when it comes to taking care of any slicer, and Globe has designed E-Series equipment for easy cleaning. Each slicer's chute, slice deflector, knife cover, and sharpener is removable, allowing those components to be thoroughly cleaned. The bottom is enclosed to prevent food and other debris from contaminating the slicer's vital components, while the knobs and buttons are designed to keep food from settling underneath. These features help prevent bacteria and other foodborne pathogens from taking up residence in the slicer's nooks and crannies.

Optional Accessories

Consider purchasing these accessories along with your Globe E-Series slicer to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely.

  • Cut-resistant gloves are critical for keeping users' fingers and hands safe while they use and clean the slicer.
  • Food-grade lubricants will keep the machine running smoothly.
  • When the machine is not in use, a simple cover will keep grease and grime from gumming up the works.