Choosing the Right Globe Scales for Your Business

Globe Scales Buyers' Guide

Known throughout the world for its high-quality slicers, Globe also brings its expertise to creating quality food scales. Globe scales are reliable and precise, with price-computing models that are legal for trade and others suited for portion control. Here, we'll explore both types and help you understand if a Globe scale is the solution you need.

Portion Control Scales

Maintaining strict control of your inventory is essential to maximizing your profit margins, and the only way to get that control is to weigh your toppings, ingredients, and portions with accurate scales. A portion control scale is a simple and inexpensive way to understand exactly how much of each dish staff members are serving, in turn making it easier to understand how much profit you're making on each plate that leaves the kitchen. Globe offers two portion control scales: the GPS5 with a 5-pound capacity and the GPS10 with a 10-pound capacity.

Globe's portion control scales can be powered by batteries or AC adapters and have automatic shutoff functions to help conserve energy. Each model weighs product in pounds, ounces, and grams. The 10-pound model also weighs in kilograms. Both weigh in increments of .01 pounds and display data on bright, easy-to-read LCD displays. Simple push buttons provide tare weight, and removable stainless steel platters are easy to clean and sanitize.

Price Computing Scales

The GS30 Globe price computing scale displays your product's weight, price, and total cost on dual-sided LCDs, so your customers can feel confident that they're getting the product they want at a fair price. Able to weigh 30 pounds in increments of .01 pound, these National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)-approved scales are legal for trade. Most states require that delis and grocery stores selling meat and cheese by the pound only use scales that have been certified as such.

These scales have easy-to-clean removable stainless steel platters. They are powered by your choice of batteries or AC power and feature automatic shut off. They can also weigh multiple items per transaction, computing a total price to a maximum of $9,999.99. The GS30 is available with a display tower that stands 15.8 inches high, so your customers can see the details of their purchases when you're operating the scale behind counters or display cases.

Label Printing Scales

The dual-sided fluorescent tube display of Globe's GSP20B label printing scale makes it easy for customers to compare the price displayed to the one printed on the label. The memory in each unit can hold as many as 3,800 PLUs, enabling operators to give precise weights and prices for specific items.

These scales are legal for trade and meet the standards for NTEP approval. The platform is removable and made of easy-to-clean stainless steel, helping keep your weighing station sanitary and safe. Like the computing scale, label printing scales also require a 115-volt power supply and an outlet for a molded plug. These scales have 88 one-touch preset price keys, and the GSP20B even connects to your PC, so you can easily store and print ingredient labels. With more and more localities moving to full-disclosure product labels, this machine could save you time and money in the long run.

These machines can register and print the following information on labels for your foods.

  • PLU name
  • PLU number
  • Sell-by date
  • Packed date
  • Unit price
  • Tare
  • Weight
  • Total price
  • Bar code
  • Store name
  • Store address
  • Messages

NTEP Approval

In order for a scale to be marked "for trade," it must be approved by NTEP. This certification indicates that the device has met the requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 in areas of balance, temperature, and accuracy. Many states require scales to have this distinction before they can be used commercially.

Some states may also require further certifications for scales in commercial settings, so do your research and understand your state's requirements before making a purchase.