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GET Catering Products

Whether you own a catering company that needs to impress a few hundred guests at private events or manage a hotel that offers build-your-own food stations, you understand the importance of creating buffet displays that entice and excite your diners. The experts at GET Enterprises, a leading provider of innovative melamine dinnerware and serveware, also understand that unique displays can enhance your guests' experiences and leave lasting impressions on diners who can be swayed to return again and again.

When designing displays, it's important to ensure the function of the design is not overpowered by its aesthetic. During service, that means arranging each item so it is easy for both staff members and guests to access without making an unsightly mess. Using equipment that is durable, like GET products made of melamine, polycarbonate, and other high-quality materials, can help increase the lifespan of your equipment and prevent your display from losing its luster.

GET Adds Elevation, Shape, & Texture

Catering and buffet displays can be differentiated through the heights, shapes, and textures of the components. Elevation refers to the vertical height provided by stands, risers, and merchandisers that also provide additional space for bowls, plates, and platters. Catering and buffet supplies come in a variety of shapes, including circles, squares, and rectangles, while texture can be added by including dinnerware, serveware, and accessories in different colors and patterns. GET offers a wide variety of risers and stands, bowls, platters, serving and display boards, and other catering accessories, which can be coordinated to create a one-of-a-kind setup that's both stylish and functional. Below, you can see some examples of how GET products can be used in your catering and buffet displays.

Hotel or Office Breakfast Bar

Hotels and office buildings may wish to provide baked goods, fruit, beverages, and other refreshments for early-rising guests or for attendees at a morning meeting. GET tiered displays can be used to hold bagels and pastries on multiple tiers with round or rectangular plates, which add visual height and vertical space. Individual bowls can be used to display fresh fruit that doesn't require refrigeration, like strawberries, and dry goods like granola. Plastic rocks glasses can be used for juice, water, and other beverages, and can also be used to serve yogurt layered with toppings.

3-Tier Stand
GET Melamine Display Stand
3-Tier Cascading Stand, Round
GET Display Stand
3-Tier Cascading Stand, Rectangular
GET Display
Juice Decanter with Lid
GET Juice Decanter
12-oz. Revo Rocks Glass
GET Rocks Glasses
Coralline Plates, Bowls, & Trays
GET Coralline Bowl

Candy & Dessert Buffet

Wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other celebrations can be made more memorable by including a candy or dessert buffet, letting guests choose from a variety of sweets instead of offering a single slice of cake. White is a classic and versatile color choice for caterers and restaurants alike, but using display trays with interesting shapes will keep the design from feeling stale. You can add additional interest by using stemware, such as martini glasses, as a more decorative way of serving candy and other desserts. You may also wish to provide take-out containers, complete with your logo, so guests can take these desserts home.

White Melamine Display Trays
GET Melamine Tray
San Michele Bowls and Trays
GET San Michele
Martini Glasses
GET Martini Glass
GET Eco Take Outs

Elegant Appetizers

Offering hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour or as a complimentary spread at a private event can be an easy way to impress guests, but you can add to the impact by presenting the appetizers in an interesting display. GET offers pedestal display stands and stone-shaped display trays that can raise food away from the table and add an architectural flair to your buffet. Stylish flute glasses can be used to serve champagne, but desserts can be served in other types of stemware to ensure they are comfortable to hold and carry.

Buffet Stands
GET Pedestals
Stone-Shaped Display Trays
GET Display Tray
Plastic Champagne Glass
GET Glasses
GET Stemware

Festive Taco Stations

Tacos, chips, and salsa are a popular combination that can be even more enticing when presented at a station where guests can build their own tacos. Keep heated tortillas in colorful tortilla servers to keep them warm, and place salad crocks full of toppings like cheese, lettuce, and sour cream nearby. For added style, you can display salsa and guacamole in molcajete bowls or set out a premeasured amount of those dips in ramekins; larger toppings, such as sliced limes, can be kept in GET cascading bowls. Complement this display with equally colorful baskets to hold tortilla chips.

Round Basket
GET Baskets
Cascading Bowl
GET Cascading Bowl
Molcajete Bowl
GET Molcajete Bowl
Tortilla Servers
GET Tortilla Servers
Salad Crocks
GET Salad Crocks
GET Melamine Ramekins

Colorful Aluminum Cookware & Serveware

GET Heiss servingware is a line of induction-ready, cast aluminum cookware that lets you cook and serve in a single vessel. These enameled pots, pans, and Dutch ovens are great for serving fresh-from-the-oven meals or setting up cooking stations at buffets so guests can customize meals, like pasta or stir fry, that are made to order. With bright red, blue, or subtle black exteriors and a white interior, they can add a pop of color to any display.

Heiss Aluminum Cookware
GET Heiss Cookware
Heiss Aluminum Serveware
GET Heiss Serveware