Garland offers a full line of commercial kitchen ranges, including the affordable and customizable SunFire X series.

SunFire Range: Ranges for the Real World

Everyone knows that Garland cooking equipment includes a full stable of quality names in commercial stoves, including U.S. Range and Sunfire. Both these lines had built a loyal following among chefs on their own, with their acquisition by Garland giving them the backing to take that to another level. While U.S. Range provides a high-quality product for the established kitchen, SunFire offers a value product perfect for the smaller or newer kitchen that still wants cooking equipment that can stand up for the long haul.

Every SunFire Range unit offers an extra-large 27-inch-deep worktop cooking surface fronted by a 4-inch plate rail on every unit. That means you have plenty of room to work with options for your specific needs. With a stainless steel body and durable control knobs, these units will give you years of service without a price to match their reliability. All the SunFire ranges are gas-burning and come with a two-piece stainless steel backguard with a removable shelf.

Though the SunFire Range series is an affordable alternative when it comes to cooking equipment, the line still offers an impressive array of features that will help you ensure you get just the piece you need. The units are available in 24-, 36- and 60-inch widths, and all of those come with at least four open top gas burners. Those are designed with ergonomic split cast iron grates, offer 30,000 BTU-an-hour heating, include burners with their own spillproof standing pilots, and have a unique full-pan debris and liquid catcher below.

That and the quality chefs have come to expect from Garland are essentially the only standards on these SunFire Range units. Now, let’s talk about customization.

SunFire Range: Customized from top to bottom and back again

The choices on a SunFire Range start at the bottom, with an option as to what base will hold up your range. At the narrow end, 24-inch-wide units are available with either a Garland-specific Space Saver standard oven or a storage base. The Space Saver oven is 20 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 13 inches tall. It offers a 25,000-BTU-an-hour straight steel tube burner and a heavy duty door with a handle specially designed to stay cool. The heat is controlled by a low to 500 degrees thermostat.

The 36-inch model offers either storage room or a standard SunFire oven with a ribbed porcelain bottom and door interior, and aluminum-clad top, sides, and back. The low to 500 degrees thermostat controls a 33,000-BTU-an-hour straight steel tube burner.

The 60-inch ones also offer the standard oven or storage, as well as a combined unit with both a standard oven and a storage base, or the opportunity for two ovens down below.

On top, SunFire Range offers more than just ranges. Beginning with the 36-inch models, you have the option of a 12-inch griddle plate that replaces two open burners with 18,000 BTUs an hour. A 4.25-inch wide grease trough catches any runoff, while manual hi-lo valve controls ensure you set the right temperature to get the job done. This size also offers an option for a 12-inch hot top that replaces two open burners.

Meanwhile, 60-inch units offer burners, a griddle and a 24-inch raised griddle-broiler. That design not only offers a griddle space on top, but right below that creates a broiler using heat from above and another griddle as the food surface. Combine that with six open burners, a standard oven, and a standard base and you’ve got one all-purpose cooking station. Or throw on a griddle, six burners and two standard ovens. Or how about a griddle-broiler, six burners and two standard ovens? As you can see, SunFire Range units are customizable and versatile.

Just to reinforce that one more time, we should also point out that all the models can be put on optional casters, have the potential for an extra oven rack, the backguard that tops each unit is available with a low-profile design.