Garland Induction Cooking: Future of the Commercial Kitchen

When you think of the future of cooking your mind may go to deconstruction, spherification, Sous Vide cooking, or even flash freezing. Though these are all very interesting methods of preparing food, we’re here to tell you that the real future of restaurant cooking lies in the hands of magnetism.

We’ve mentioned it before: Induction cooking. Don’t be surprised! Chefs rave over induction cooking, and for good reason. Induction cooking reduces the amount of energy used, is safer, and much more!

Many are tossing the idea of adding induction units to their restaurant but many are daunted by the thought of giving up their traditional griddle or restaurant wok range.

KaTom is here with some great news for you! Induction has been taken to the next level with Garland’s line of induction griddles, cooktops, and woks. Each Garland induction piece is both powerful and precise, making them great for a plethora of different meals. For example, do you need some heavy duty heat for boiling pasta water? A Garland induction cooktop can do the job in half the time of gas or radiant heat, slashing cooking times and thus resulting in a happier customer. Looking to make a delicate sauce for the pasta? Do not fear; although Garland induction cooktops can heat quickly they are also precise enough to stay at a specific temperature. This means using the same unit for both stir frying and simmering is very possible!

Did we mention that Garland’s new induction cooking equipment is extra efficient? Gas and electric ranges heat from below the pan. This allows heat to escape around the edges of the element, causing the common problem of over-heating in the kitchen area (something I know my chef friends detest). Because induction cooking keep the heat inside of the pan, less heat escapes saving both energy and heartache for your cooking crew in the kitchen. This is also the reason why induction cooking is safer for your kitchen staff. Because there isn’t a hot range to worry about, the only thing your chefs have to worry about not touching is the hot piece of induction cookware.

See for yourself why easy to clean Garland induction cooking equipment is the future of cooking. Feel free to watch the helpful Garland induction video and the Chef testimonial video and understand why everyone is raving about these fine pieces of cooking equipment!



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