Garland Induction Ranges

Garland Induction Ranges

The folks at Garland and U.S. Range have spent decades building industry-leading gas and conventional electric cooking equipment. Now they're using that expertise to offer cutting-edge induction ranges, seeking to revolutionize the way we understand restaurant cooking. Garland induction ranges offer the same energy-efficiency, safety, and precise control that make induction a wise choice for your kitchen. They've added a couple of their own unique technological touches that help their induction ranges stand apart from their many competitors.

Garland RTCSmp

Garland's Realtime Temperature Control System multi-point, or RTCSmp®, is a sophisticated system of sensors and microprocessor controls that are able to detect the presence of a pan, pan temperature, pan material, and even if a pan is empty. This system offers several advantages in terms of safety and convenience, including the ability to:

  • Prevent pans from boiling dry. The RTCSmp system can detect when an empty pan has been placed on the burner. It will throttle the amount of heat that it generates, helping to prevent the kind of permanent damage that can result from overheating an empty pan.
  • Automatically adjust to pans of different metals. RTCSmp can detect the level of magnetism present in the pan used, adjusting the intensity of its power to compensate for those variations. That means you get consistent results cooking with several different materials, so chefs don't have to "relearn" how to use the range with each pan they cook with.
  • Maintain a precise temperature. Garland induction ranges are able to maintain precise temperatures via a sophisticated system that measures the electrical current reflecting off the cookware to calculate its exact temperature so the system can respond quickly and accurately to changes.

Available Garland Induction Models

Garland offers their induction technology in a number of formats, so you can take advantage of the technology no matter what your specific needs are.

Single-burner, countertop ranges are designed to heat a single pan, making them ideal for individual kitchen work stations. Their compact designs and relatively light weights mean they can be moved around and rearranged to suit your evolving kitchen workflow.

Garland induction wok ranges are designed to accommodate the unique cookware they're named after. A bowl-shaped surface holds the wok securely and heats it evenly, creating a station for cooking stir fry and authentic tempura. Like their flat-top companions described above, Garland induction wok ranges sit on the counter top and can be situated virtually anywhere.

Garland induction griddles incorporate the power of induction into the griddle, one of the most essential and versatile pieces of cooking equipment. Instead of heating cookware, these griddles provide a plate heated via induction that food is cooked on directly. Garland induction griddles feature the same advantages as other induction equipment, with the benefit of short preheat times, precise thermostatically-controlled surface temperatures, and quick temperature recovery.

Each type of equipment listed above is also available in many drop-in models. These are used to create a low-profile permanent solution. Use them to build a back-of-house chef suite or a front-of-house demonstration cooking area.