Frying Efficiently with Frymaster

FilterQuick Fryers

Frymaster, a Welbilt brand, is a leading supplier of commercial deep frying equipment. For more than a decade, the company has committed itself to manufacturing energy- and oil-efficient fryers that qualify for the ENERGY STAR program. Now, Frymaster offers FilterQuick fryers for high-volume commercial foodservice operators who want to cut costs without sacrificing performance. Below, you'll learn more about the benefits of using fryers with built-in filtration systems.

FilterQuick: Fryers with Automatic Filtration

When you filter your fryer oil, you extend its life. That means you ultimately end up changing the oil less often, and improve the quality and taste of your fried products. FilterQuick oil-conserving fryers are equipped with fully-automatic filtration systems, which take the bulk of the filtering work out of the hands of busy kitchen staff and help ensure the oil will be filtered more frequently. In addition to being more efficient, automatic filtration systems are safer for employees who no longer have to deal with manually filtering hot oil.

Frymaster refers to the FilterQuick's system as Fingertip Filtration because the filtering process can be started with just the push of a button. To further ensure the oil filtering process is safe for operators, only one frypot drains at a time; the others will be queued up and the next vat will begin filtering when the previous frypot's filtration is finished. Filtration can be completed in less than 5 minutes, allowing your high-capacity kitchen to keep up with demand.

Because the filtration process requires less hands-on involvement from employees, you will save on labor costs in a more efficient kitchen. Extending the life of your oil with automatic filtration keeps it fresher for longer and means you'll use less oil over time, saving money that would otherwise be spent purchasing more oil. There are also advantages for your customers, too – fresher oil means your staff can fry up a higher-quality product that will boost customer satisfaction.

Other FilterQuick features

Frymaster FilterQuick fryers come in batteries with between two and five vats. Each 30-pound frypot matches the production capacity of a larger 50-pound vat, but requires 40 percent less oil. This series is available in electric or gas models. In addition to standard Frymaster technology, like open frypots and an ENERGY STAR rating, FilterQuick fryers also include:

  • SMART4U Controls. This technology allows operators to better control and monitor both the consistency of their product and quality of the oil being used. SMART4U controls let you choose between 20 programmable options to ensure consistent production of your most popular items. They also offer automatic cook time adjustment for differently sized batches, a COOL mode for enhanced energy efficiency, and INSTANT ON for superior temperature recovery time.
  • Auto Top-Off (ATO). Having the correct amount of oil in the vat is as important as having oil in the right condition, so FilterQuick fryers include automatic top-off capabilities. This means that operators don't have to worry about adding oil manually and guarantees that the vat is never low on oil.
  • Oil Quality Sensor. This optional feature lets operators know precisely when to change oil, preventing unnecessary waste and subpar frying results. Unlike manual oil monitoring methods, the Oil Quality Sensor is automatic and always accurate.