The Innovative Design of Frymaster OCF Commercial Fryers

Frymaster Conserving Fryers

Frymaster has billed its newest line of commercial fryers by one of its most impressive features, dubbing them oil-conserving fryers or OCF. While the abilities that earned them that moniker are impressive, their long list of innovations that will help your commercial kitchen save money goes beyond that. These commercial fryers enable you to produce 66 percent more food per gallon of oil, maintain cleaner oil for longer, achieve fry pot filling with 40 percent less oil, and conserve energy. They even keep an eye on oil levels for you and can give refills as needed.

Frymaster Oil-Conserving Fryers are Oil Efficient

While many commercial fryers need 50 pounds of oil before their frypots are full, Frymaster oil-conserving fryers are topped-off at 30 pounds. That’s a 40 percent reduction in oil need from the start, though you still get the same high-yield output. Here are some examples of production from Frymaster oil-conserving fryers:

Frymaster OCF Fry Production

Frymaster OCF Chicken Production

Frymaster OCF Wings Production

That smaller amount of oil also helps you keep the oil fresher longer. Both an oil-conserving fryer and a standard 50-pound unit will lose the same amount of oil per batch, though that reduction in the frypot will be a larger percentage of the oil in a Frymaster OCF30 commercial fryer. That means replacing that loss is putting a greater ratio of fresh oil into the whole, so it stays fresher longer. That not only protects the quality and flavor of the food you cook in that oil, it also helps extend the life of the oil.

The savings continue to add up as you cook. When you fry in oil, you’re actually only using part of the oil. The rest is being unnecessarily heated, meaning energy is being wasted. These oil-conserving fryers eliminate that problem with their lower-volume frypots. That means cleaner oil for longer because the ratio of fresh oil being replaced after each cook cycle is greater. That extends the life of the oil by as much as 92 percent and protects the quality of your commercial kitchen's food product.

Energy Efficient Frymaster Commercial Fryers

Frymaster OCF Fryer Energy Savings

Heating less oil saves you money by reducing energy demands from your commercial fryer. Frymaster’s oil-conserving fryers can reduce your energy needs for frying by up to 10 percent. Those reductions continue throughout operation, meaning you’re saving all day long. Beyond that, these oil-conserving fryers have a "Cool" mode, which holds the oil at a level between room and cooking temperatures during long periods when it's not in use. That means you’re not wasting energy and money on keeping your commercial fryer hot when it’s not cooking, but you also don't have to bring it back up to appropriate temperatures when you’re ready to drop in another basket of food.

Frymaster Smart4U 3000 Control Panel

Frymaster’s oil-conserving fryers are equipped with a Smart4U 3000 control pad, which walks the operator through every part of use and maintenance. It offers options for segmented cooking and step-by-step directions for cleaning the oil, along with 20 programmable product buttons. The system also monitors oil level and quality, keeping you aware of its status through regular reports, as well as keeping cook counts and evaluating fryer performance.

One of the greatest opportunities to improve the efficiency of your frying in these OCF30 oil-conserving fryers is found at the bottom of the unit. That’s where the available Oil Attendant technology does its work, automatically sensing the oil level in the frypot and refreshing it as needed from a supply stored in the cabinet itself. Not only does that ensure exactly the right amount of oil is kept in the commercial fryer, it also reduces the staff time needed to maintain that level and further helps maintain cleaner oil.

These commercial fryers are available from KaTom in both gas and electric models, all with a battery of three frypots that make them a great fit for any commercial kitchen.

For more information about Frymaster’s oil-conserving fryers, please call one of KaTom’s helpful customer service representatives at 800.541.8683 or e-mail us at You can also view a short video about the OCF30 series below and on the KaTom YouTube channel.