High-Efficiency Frymaster Fryers

Frying Efficiently with Frymaster Fryers

Commercial fryers can be expensive pieces of equipment – not necessarily because of their upfront cost, but because of the resources they use during operation. If your restaurant relies on fried favorites like french fries and onion rings, investing in an energy-efficient Frymaster fryer can save on operating costs and improve your bottom line. These fryers are designed to use less energy and preserve oil while offering the high performance commercial kitchens require. To ensure you can find the right fryer for your operation, Frymaster offers gas and electric models that have earned ENERGY STAR certification.

Efficient Electric Fryers from Frymaster

kW Per HourFrying Area (in.)Oil CapacityFries Per HourFrypot Type?FSTC Efficiency Rating
RE141414 x 1512 x 31250 lbs.68 lbs.Open84%
RE171714 x 1512 x 31250 lbs.70 lbs.Open87%

KaTom offers two models from the E4 series of high-efficiency electric fryers: the Frymaster RE14 and Frymaster RE17. These fryers share many qualities, but differ in their frying capacity. Each can hold 50 pounds of oil, but the RE14 can fry 68 pounds of french fries per hour, while the RE17 offers a slightly higher frying capacity of 70 pounds. As shown in the table above, the RE14 has a Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) efficiency rating of 84 percent and the RE17 comes in at 87 percent.

These electric fryers offer the following features:

  • Open frypot (full or split design) and deep cold zone for frying high volumes of low-sediment foods
  • Accurate, element-mounted thermostat and digital controller
  • Flat-bar elements heat oil efficiently and swing up for cleaning
  • Boil-out mode and an automatic melt cycle
  • Frypot, door, and cabinet constructed from stainless steel.

Efficient Gas Fryers from Frymaster

BTUs Per HourFrying Area (in.)Oil CapacityFries Per HourFrypot Type?FSTC Efficiency Rating
ESG35T70,00014 x 1334 x 41535 lbs.58 lbs.Tube-type50%
HD50100,00014 x 14 x 31250 lbs.72 lbs.Tube-type52%
HD60125,00018 x 18 x 33480 lbs.107 lbs.Tube-type52%

If your restaurant requires an efficient gas fryer, KaTom offers a few ENERGY STAR fryers, including the HD50, HD60, and ESG35T, a value high-efficiency option. The ESG35T is a gas fryer capable of holding 35 pounds of oil, with a per-hour frying capacity of 58 pounds. That production rate is comparable to that of a standard 45-pound fryer, resulting in 22 percent less oil and 33 percent fewer BTUs of gas burned per hour. The FSTC has given this fryer an efficiency rating of 50 percent.

The HD50 and HD60, with FSTC efficiency ratings of 52 percent each, are from the HD series of high-efficiency gas fryers. The HD50 can hold 50 pounds of oil, requires a maximum hourly BTU input of 100,000, and can fry 72 pounds an hour. The HD60 is a higher-demand fryer, offering a 107 pounds-per-hour capacity with a 120,000 maximum BTU-per-hour input and 80-pound capacity for oil.

These Frymaster fryers offer some or all of the following features:

  • Tube-style frypot (full or split design) and wide cold zone for high-sediment foods
  • More efficient heat transfer with 6-inch tubes that contact 36 percent more oil
  • Accurate temperature probes and digital controller
  • Boil-out mode and an automatic melt cycle
  • Lower costs when idling compared to other gas fryer
  • Compatible with NG or LP (includes gas valve with regulator)
  • Frypot, door, front, and sides constructed of stainless steel.

Choosing Your Fryer

To decide which fryer size your kitchen needs, you should know what you'll be frying and how much you'll need to fry each day. Take into account the demand during your establishment's peak hours.

If you want an electric fryer, the extra 2-pounds-per-hour production provided by the RE17 may benefit a busy kitchen during a lunch or dinner rush. However, a kitchen that requires gas equipment can invest in a gas fryer rated for high efficiency to spend less on utilities. Because Frymaster provides gas fryers with tube-style frypots and electric fryers with open-style frypots, it's important to know whether you'll be frying high- or low-sediment foods as you decide which type of fryer you need.