Frymaster Disposal Units, Filters, & Accessories

Use Frymaster Accessories to Maintain Product Quality

If your foodservice operation's menu includes fried favorites like French fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders, you've probably invested in a commercial fryer from Frymaster or another manufacturer that can keep up with your demand. Pairing your fryer with Frymaster fryer filters, shortening disposal units, and accessories can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Fryer Filters

Fryer filters are designed to remove crumbs, sediment, and other impurities from the oil, then return it to the fryer. Daily filtration is a quick and efficient way to extend the life of your oil and also preserve the quality and taste of the product you're frying. Some models function with the fryer's gravity drain and return the filtered oil with an attached hose, while others include a reversible pump, which includes a tube that eliminates the need to use the gravity drain. Reversible pump fryer filters are compatible with countertop fryers and can be safer than filters that use the gravity drain.

Frymaster fryer filters are available in 50-, 80-, and 110-pound capacities, so you'll be able to find the right machine for your medium- or heavy-duty filtering needs. These machines are meant to be portable, which makes them easy to move or relocate in your kitchen, and models with a low-profile design will conveniently fit under the drain of most fryers.

Shortening Disposal Units

Adding a shortening disposal unit to your frying system will help your staff easily and safely remove spent oil from your fryers and transport it to the appropriate disposal container. These units are designed with a manual pump, which is located at a height that removes the need to stoop or bend during operation and takes only 60 seconds to empty 50 pounds of oil. They are available in 50- and 100-pound capacities to suit any size of frypot and even batteries of fryers.

Frymaster shortening disposal units are made to be user-friendly and are equipped with durable 6-inch wheels to make oil transportation a simpler process that doesn’t require any lifting or carrying. The machine is designed to fit under frypots or can be accompanied by a drain extension, and its low center of gravity and secure oil tank cover and latch help make sure oil is transported without spills.

Frymaster Accessories

A number of smaller Frymaster accessories, which can help extend the life of your oil and fryer, are also available:

  • Fryer baskets, an essential accessory, are available as full-sized baskets or half- and third-sized baskets, which will let you cook different batches of food at the same time.

  • Vat covers, also called frypot covers, will help protect your oil from contaminants that could fall in while it's not being used.

  • Fryer screens, sometimes called sediment trays, help collect debris that detaches from food while it's being fried. Basket support racks, which also help collect debris, can provide additional support for frying baskets while they're being used and are made to be compatible with full pot types or split pot type.

  • Clean out rods and sediment scoops make it easy to clean out food particles and debris from your fryer. This can help keep your oil fresher and protect your fryer from damage.

  • Fryer filter paper is made for use with fryer filter machines, but filter papers and holders are also available for businesses that prefer to filter oil by hand instead of investing in a machine.

  • Casters are an important feature of any floor-model kitchen equipment, as they make it easier to move heavy units for cleaning or rearrangement. Frymaster offers casters individually or in sets of 4. Contact a KaTom representative to find the casters that will fit your fryer.