Frymaster Buyers' Guide

Boost Your Performance with Frymaster

Frymaster (operating under its parent company Manitowoc and sometimes referred to in conjunction with its sister company Dean) is a leading international provider of commercial fryers. All of Frymaster Dean’s products are NSF certified and many are ENERGY STAR qualified, which means they provide higher efficiency.

Before choosing the right Frymaster fryer, you need to consider two questions: Do you want a floor or countertop model, and do you want to use a gas or electric fryer? Although gas floor models are the most common type of fryer, KaTom's extensive inventory of Frymaster fryers will have the right fryer for those seeking electric or countertop models as well.

Gas or Electric Floor Models

The Super Runner Value Fryer is available as a gas fryer or an electric fryer. This fryer uses Frymaster’s exclusive Thermo-tube design and comes with a wide cold zone that catches crumbs and other debris from high-sediment foods, making it ideal for frying a variety of menu items. Depending on the model you choose, the gas version produces between 105,000 and 150,000 BTU, has a 14x14- or 18x18-inch frying area, and is either 15 or 20 inches wide. You can also choose between a 43-, 50-, or 75-pound vat. The electric versions of this model feature a 40-pound vat and 14x14-inch frying area, are 15-3/4 inches wide, and produce 14 kW. They are available in four different power options to better suit your kitchen setup.

For businesses turning out a high volume of product, the FilterQuick Fryer Battery is an excellent heavy-duty option. This Frymaster deep fryer features an open pot design, which is easy to clean and best-suited to low sediment foods, like mozzarella sticks and other previously-breaded frozen items. Available as a gas or electric fryer, this model comes with a built-in filter, programmable controls, and an automatic top-off system that keeps your oil fresh. These fryer batteries come with two, three, four, or five frypots, each of which has a 30-pound oil capacity. Each gas fryer is 15-1/2 inches wide. The electric versions are 15-2/3 inches wide, produce 14 kW, and are available with 208 V/3-ph power.

Gas Floor Models

Frymaster Dean has a number of gas fryer floor models available. The first is the medium duty fryer, which produces 100,000 BTU and features a 40- or 50-pound, open-pot vat. Capable of frying 65 pounds of fries an hour, this option is great for businesses that want a sturdy, reliable Frymaster fryer without many bells or whistles.

The performance fryer, designed specifically for busy commercial restaurants, has more variations to choose from. This Frymaster deep fryer has an open pot design and wide cold zone, either a 14x15- or 18x19- inch frying area, and a 40-, 50-, or 80-pound vat. It is 15 or 21 inches wide and has an output of 110,000, 122,000, or 150,000 BTU. This fryer can handle up to 80 pounds of fries per hour.

The Decathlon HD Series Fryer features a tube-type design, which is great for breaded foods of any type, but can be more difficult to clean. This model is 15 inches wide, has a maximum output of 100,000 BTU, and comes with either a 50- or 80-pound vat. It also includes an automatic melt cycle, which melts solid shortening without burning it.

Electric Floor Models

Those seeking an electric floor model will find two excellent options on our website. Frymaster’s High Efficiency Electric Fryer includes a 50-pound vat and open, split-pot design, which allows you to fry two different foods at once. Like the Decathlon gas fryer, this electric fryer features a melt cycle that helps keep your oil in better shape. This Frymaster fryer is a slightly irregular size at just over 15-2/3 inches wide, but if you have the space for a floor model fryer, you should be able to fit it into your kitchen without much issue. The High Efficiency Electric Fryer provides 14, 17, or 22 kW, and is available with four different power options.

The OCF30 Fryer is a great electric fryer for kitchens cooking multiple types of food at once. At 31-1/4 inches wide, it features (2) 30-pound vats and a built-in filter that makes cleaning your oil easier. This Frymaster fryer is available in three different power options, and each model produces 14 kW per fryer.

Countertop Models

The Frymaster gas countertop fryer features an open pot design, a 20-pound vat, and the option to use natural gas or liquefied petroleum. This countertop fryer is perfect for businesses that want to add fried foods to the menu but don’t have the room for a floor model in the kitchen or budget.