About Emile Henry Flame® Cookware

Emile Henry Pizza & Baking Stones

Although Emile Henry has been producing kitchenware in France since 1850, the introduction of Flame® cookware in 2005 led to its current selection of pizza, baking, and grilling stones. Made from natural Burgundy clay and designed for use with all types of ovens and grills, Flame® cookware is 30 percent lighter than cast iron and able to gently and evenly distribute heat. Emile Henry pizza stones and baking stones are made from the same material, but have different designs and purposes.

Emile Henry Pizza Stones

Round Emile Henry pizza stones are available in two different styles. The first style has flat edges with a protruding handle on each side, and is available in Rouge or Black with a 12-inch diameter or in Rouge, Black, Figue Purple, and Olive with a 14.5-inch diameter. The second style has raised edges and handles, and is available in Charcoal or Burgundy with a 12.6- or 14.6-inch diameter.

Both styles of round pizza stones are meant for use with ovens or grills to recreate the taste and texture of a brick oven-style pizza. These pizza stones are designed to heat to the desired temperature in 15 minutes but can go straight from the freezer to the oven, which makes them ideal for cooking homemade or frozen pizzas.

Emile Henry Baking Stones

The Emile Henry baking stone is designed for use in microwaves, traditional and convection ovens, and on gas, charcoal, and open-fire grills, giving you the versatility to bake bread and desserts, cook pizza, or grill meat and vegetables on the same piece of equipment. The rectangular baking stone has flat edges with a raised handle on both ends, which makes it easy to transport, and is available in Burgundy or Charcoal and in two different sizes: 18 x 14 inches or 13.4 x 11.8 inches.

Whether you are preparing bread, pizza, or cookies in your oven, a baking stone offers superior heat distribution and retention. Baking stones are designed to absorb moisture and cook your food more evenly. When cooking homemade pizzas or bread, this means it can provide you with a crispier crust than you might get from using an aluminum baking sheet.

Tips for Use & Care

Emily Henry pizza and baking stones are highly resistant to thermal shock and can handle temperatures as low as -125 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect the bakeware and your counters, it is recommended that they be transferred onto a trivet, cutting board, or other buffer after being taken out of the oven or off of a grill. Unlike other Flame® products, the cooking stones are not meant for use on the stovetop.

Although many baking and pizza stones are unglazed, the surface of an Emile Henry stone is given a micro-crazed glaze, which means the glaze has small cracks that allow the stone to absorb moisture like an unglazed stone. The glazed surface is also durable enough to function as a cutting surface and can be placed in the dishwasher, so you can enjoy more time cooking and eating and spend less time cleaning.