Edlund Knife Sharpeners & Holders

Sharp Operators Invest in Edlund Knife Care Accessories

Maintaining your knives is more than just a common courtesy to your cooks - it is a matter of safety. A sharp knife is easier to use and less prone to slip and injure its user, and a clean knife is one that won't transmit the kinds of harmful bacteria that can make your customers sick. Cleaning and sharpening are just two of the maintenance steps that Edlund knife accessories are designed to make easier.

Knife Blocks & Racks

Edlund knife blocks and knife racks are valuable for a few reasons. Day to day, these accessories keep your cutlery well-organized so the members of your prep staff can quickly find the knives they need without having to search. That convenience can speed up production and yield consistent results since it gives staff easier access to the tools needed for each job. That reduces the chance of a worker resorting to peeling potatoes with a chef's knife or fileting a whole fish with a paring knife.

It goes without saying that an Edlund knife block or knife rack will keep your knives out of a drawer. Storing cutlery this way goes beyond just making life easier on staff - it protects the knives too. Knives held in a block or rack won't rub against each other and become prematurely dulled and nicked. Racks and blocks also protect users' fingers since they only expose the knives' handles.

Mount an Edlund knife rack on a wall near your prep area to keep knives organized and within reach. These holders come in small sizes that hold just a few knives, as well as larger units that have enough slots for more than a dozen knives. Smaller knife blocks can be placed on the countertop and moved from station to station or stored when they're not needed. Locking cabinets help keep your knives from going missing when you're not around.

You can even pick knife racks with color-coded inserts to help prevent the cross contamination that can result from using the same knife to prepare different types of food. Use a rack with a red insert to store knives that are only used to cut red meat, while a yellow insert can designate knives reserved for raw poultry. Along with the proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures, a color-coding system like this can support your HACCP routine or general food safety best practices.

Knife Sanitizing Systems

To further bolster your knife sanitation practices, use an Edlund knife rack sanitizing system. In addition to a knife rack like the ones described above, each sanitizing system includes a compartment that holds liquid knife sanitizer in which to dip your knives after they're washed. Used and maintained properly, these systems give staff a way to all but guarantee that knives aren't contaminated with the microorganisms that may cause foodborne illnesses.

Once knives have been in contact with the solution for the recommended length of time, a crew member can move them to the adjacent rack where they'll air dry and remain clean, sanitary, and ready to use again. These systems are available with optional drainage tubes that make quick work of emptying sanitizer to install a fresh batch. They're also NSF listed and made in the United States.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

By now you've learned how Edlund can help you clean and store your knives in ways that will protect them, your guests, and your staff. Edlund equipment can also help you keep your knives sharp. The company offers two electric knife sharpeners. These machines quickly restore your knives' sharp edges and take away the hassle of doing that manually. Edlund knife sharpeners also save you the cost of sending your knives away to a professional sharpening service.

These units are built with guidance systems that guarantee knives are ground at the correct angle. The openings of those systems are wide enough to sharpen the blade all the way down to its heel, and they accommodate both thin utility knives and heavy-duty cleaver blades. A safety feature shuts the machine down if the blade is inserted incorrectly to prevent damage to the sharpener and the knife.

Both the 395 and 401 Edlund knife sharpeners include all the features listed above, but the 401 is built with a track guidance system that's removable so the machine can be cleaned and its grinding wheel can easily be replaced. That feature has earned the 401 sharpener NSF approval.