Edlund Scales Buyers' Guide

Enhance Profits with Edlund Scales

With a company history that stretches back to 1925, Edlund has a long history of developing food prep equipment, smallwares, and storage solutions. This experience allows the company to meet customers' needs and solve common problems in the kitchen, such as product loss. Using scales in your commercial kitchen is an easy way to identify where loss is occurring, by weighing items as they are received to ensure you're not being shorted, ingredients for consistent results and usage, and the final product as you're dishing out food for portion control. Innovative, problem-solving designs and durable construction have earned Edlund multiple best-in-class awards for its scales. We'll cover the types of Edlund scales available, so you can find the perfect fit for your commercial kitchen.

Edlund Mechanical Scales

Edlund mechanical scales, also known as platform scales, are the company's most economical options. These are most often used as portion control scales, though they can also be used for measuring ingredients. Some of the larger models also have a high enough capacity that they can be used as receiving scales, equipping you to ensure your deliveries are exactly as stated.

Edlund platform scales are made of stainless steel on both the exterior and interior, meaning that even if moisture gets inside the unit, corrosion shouldn’t be an issue. Because of this, most of the mechanical portion scales are NSF certified and several can even be sent through a commercial dishwasher, a feature important to both users and health inspectors. The faces of most platform scales tilt up at a 30-degree angle to make them easy to read, though scales with vertical faces are also available.

Most Edlund portion scales are built with rotating front dials that provide an easy way to tare the unit when you're measuring ingredients in a container. The equipment can be calibrated in the field through a small hole in the bottom of the scale with only a 14-inch hexhead nut driver and a calibration weight. Both of these items are available from Edlund in a calibration kit.

To further ensure accuracy, a helpful option available on Edlund mechanical scales is a dashpot, which uses a piston and air pressure to prevent oscillation by the needle that often occurs when weighing products. While this "wiggle" may seem like a minor annoyance, the time spent waiting for the needle to settle on the correct weight adds up quickly, especially in a fast-paced environment that relies heavily on a scale, like a pizza shop. Edlund dashpots are adjustable to allow you to find the perfect balance of speed and accurate readings.

To keep up with the increase in sales during promotions, officials at a national pizza chain realized they needed to find a faster way of weighing dough balls, as some locations needed to weigh more than 800 portions each day. Edlund engineers rose to the challenge, making changes to the Five-Star series of scales that included engineering a new dashpot to allow continuous speed during rushes. These changes were made standard for the series, which have been tested to withstand more than 1.5 million uses – more than 5 years of reliable service, even at 800 uses per day. That durability combined with the speed offered by the stabilizing dashpot makes the Five-Star Series the scale of choice for many chain restaurants.

Edlund Digital Scales

Digital scales from Edlund are made to be durable for use in commercial kitchens, and most models can be calibrated in the field with a calibration weight. Ensuring the accuracy of Poseidon WSC series models is as simple as turning the unit upside down, since those units are programmed to calibrate based on the weight of the scale itself. The ability to calibrate the digital scales in your kitchen, rather than having to send them to the manufacturer, saves you both money and time, and means your kitchen will not be left without a scale while yours is being calibrated. Read more below about the digital scale series available from Edlund.

  • The E-Series is the most economical digital scale series available from Edlund. These have LED screens and can be powered by 9-volt batteries or the included AC adapters. A push-button tare function makes it simple to weigh items in containers, and the stainless steel platform is removable to be easy to clean.
  • DFG Series Precision Portion Scales have large, easy-to-read LCD displays. These units can run on batteries or AC power. Low-battery indicators let you know if power runs low, while an auto-shutoff feature helps save batteries. Weight readings can be changed between grams, ounces, and fractional ounces.
  • EDL-Series portion scales are made to be incredibly accurate, able to measure increments as small as 0.05 ounces. These scales can run on AC power or on the rechargeable battery pack that comes with each unit. An oversized platform is available to accommodate larger items. Dual housing and Edlund's Scale Within a Scale™ technology prevents interior corrosion and damage.
  • Poseidon™ WSC scales are known for being completely submersible, making them easy to clean and sanitize. The scales' AC power connections and battery compartments are water-tight, and Dual Housing Technology protects interior components from moisture. This unit's battery-save feature is adjustable, and gravity settings that allow you to adjust for variances in gravity depending on altitude and latitude are also included. This scale is NSF certified and is capable of self-calibrating.
  • Edlund's newest digital scale, the Bravo, is durable and precise. Models are available with capacities ranging from 10 to 30 pounds. Each Bravo scale comes with replaceable ClearShield™ protective covers, which keep grease and other liquids off the front of the scale while protecting the membrane buttons, which often wear out on other models. These scales can be calibrated in the field with a calibration weight, and simple controls offer a one-touch tare. An auto-shutoff feature helps conserve power. The Bravo scales are NSF certified, and the stainless steel plate and inner platform are easily removable for cleaning and to replace the ClearShield.

Edlund Specialty Scales

In addition to mechanical and digital portion control scales, Edlund offers several specialty scales to meet every kitchen's needs. Balance-style bakers’ scales, also known as dough scales, are available with capacities as high as 16 pounds. These come with counterweights and oversized footed plastic scoops for weighing dry ingredients. Bakers’ scales are available with stainless steel or epoxy-coated platters and counterweight.

Receiving scales are essential to help ensure incoming shipments are accurate. Verifying that you receive the amount of product that you paid for can save your business a lot of money and help you manage inventory more closely. Edlund offers manual receiving scales that can accommodate as much as 200 pounds, and digital receiving scales that can measure as much as 300 pounds.

Edlund pizza scales are digital models designed to weigh pizza ingredients quickly and accurately. The low-profile platform is NSF certified and easy to clean. The readout screen displays weight in pounds, ounces, or grams, and comes with a wall-mounting bracket to make it easy to install. This scale has the option of a push-button tare or a foot switch, freeing up an operator's hands in a busy kitchen.