Which Dinex Heating System Do You Need?

Dinex SmartTherm vs. DuraTherm

Dinex, a Carlisle brand, is a leading provider of food delivery solutions, from wax bases to meal delivery carts capable of holding dozens of trays at once. Hospitals, assisted living complexes, and other healthcare operations often need to deliver hundreds of meals each day; ensuring those meals are hot and appetizing when they reach patients is a crucial but difficult task, especially for large operations. To help these facilities offer guests a satisfactory experience, Dinex's catalog of meal delivery solutions includes two induction charging systems capable of improving kitchen efficiency, preserving food quality, and keeping plated meals warm during long delivery routes.

SmartTherm vs. DuraTherm

The SmartTherm and DuraTherm systems use induction heating, a charging unit, and compatible bases to provide hold times ranging from 45 to 90 minutes. Kitchen staff can place plated meals on the charged base and place the base onto a tray or meal delivery cart without worrying about the food getting cold before it is delivered. The induction bases are set on the top of the charging unit, which heats the material inside the base, although the base itself will continue to feel cool to the touch. This means the bases can be safely and comfortably handled at any time.

Each Dinex base is outfitted with a unique RFID chip, which allows the charging unit to automatically recognize the base and determine if it has already been charged. If a base is partially charged, it can be placed on the charging unit again to be given a full charge, a convenient option to ensure you get the maximum possible hold time from each base. Once the base is fully charged, the unit will emit an auditory alert, so staff members will be able to hear the alert even in a busy kitchen. Although the SmartTherm and DuraTherm systems are similar, they vary in the number of bases they can heat each hour and the maximum holding times they offer.

The SmartTherm system heats a single base in 35 seconds and is capable of charging as many as 205 bases each hour, with a maximum holding time of 60 minutes. It is compatible with Dinex's lightweight DX8210 bases, which are fully sealed to prevent any water damage that could cause a malfunction. The DuraTherm system heats a base in 10 to 15 seconds and can charge as many as 240 bases per hour, with a maximum holding time of 90 minutes. In addition to the DX8210, this induction charging unit is compatible with the DX1411 base, which is also designed to be watertight. This base is capable of keeping food warmer for a longer period of time, helping the DuraTherm achieve a longer maximum holding time than the SmartTherm. Despite the extended holding time, food kept warm with the DX1411 base won't dry out.

The DuraTherm induction charger is designed to offer a longer holding time and improved holding temperatures compared to the SmartTherm, but the SmartTherm may be a good option for lower-volume operations that don't require a holding time past 60 minutes or that want to add a slightly more economical option to their locations.