Delfield Refrigeration Helps Your Kitchen Go Green

Delfield Energy-Efficient Refrigeration

Delfield and its parent company, Welbilt, are dedicated to helping kitchens become more energy efficient with innovative technologies that save energy and extend the life of your equipment. Welbilt (formerly Manitowoc Foodservice Group) received its fourth ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award in 2015, has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2001, and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. As a part of Welbilt's family of foodservice companies, Delfield participates in the EnerLogic™ program, which includes more than 1,800 commercial foodservice products that meet various third-party energy and/or water conservation standards.

Why Go Green?

Energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment is often a greater upfront investment than standard equipment, but it's an investment that quickly pays off. According to ENERGY STAR1, switching to an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator can save you as much as $1,000 over the unit's lifetime, and an ENERGY STAR freezer may be able to save you as much as $4,300 in utility costs over its lifetime. Additionally, the improved design of many energy-efficient refrigeration units mean they may last longer than their standard counterparts and increase food safety by holding food at a steady temperature that may not be possible to maintain in less efficient models. To see how much you can save in your commercial kitchen, use the ENERGY STAR savings calculator to compare your current refrigeration with an ENERGY STAR-certified Delfield refrigerator.

What Makes Delfield Refrigeration Green?

Delfield refrigeration units are some of the most energy efficient available, due to multiple innovations made by the company. The company's condensers have larger surface areas than most, leading to greater energy efficiency. Glass door models that have door heaters to prevent condensation include a door heater switch to turn it off when the feature is not needed, such as overnight when your business may be closed. An adaptive defrost system keeps the evaporator clear of ice, which extends the life of your equipment and allows it to operate under less strain.

Some of the things that help make a Delfield refrigerator more energy efficient are minor changes that can make a big difference over the life of the unit. Delfield refrigeration units use top-mounted compressors when possible, a practice that prevents the compressor's heat exhaust from being drawn into the interior of the unit when the door is opened. The condenser is easily accessible for cleaning, and regular cleanings can extend the life of your refrigerator and ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible. Additionally, every Delfield refrigerator comes with the option of LED bulbs in place of standard incandescent bulbs, which can cost five to ten times more in energy over their lifetimes. All refrigeration units are tested at the factory with leak detection equipment to ensure a tight seal and proper insulation that keeps all the cold air inside.

In addition to energy conservation, Delfield refrigerators have features that help prevent food waste. High and low temperature alarms and a precise temperature management system help ensure all food is held at safe temperatures, so you never have to throw away food due to questionable holding temperatures.


Delfield has obtained ENERGY STAR certification for more than 900 reach-in and undercounter refrigerator models, including its entire specification line and much of the 6000XL line. The utility savings from these units may cover the purchase price in as few as 1.3 years, and from then on are just helping your restaurant's bottom line.

In addition to the money you can save on your restaurant's power bill, many local utilities sponsor rebates and incentives for those who purchase ENERGY STAR-certified equipment. These incentives may be as little as $25 or as much as $1000. To see if your local utility provider participates in these programs, use the ENERGY STAR rebate finder to search using your zip code.

An Environmentally-friendly Future

The foodservice industry is a quickly-changing one, and Delfield is keeping up with the changes in order to supply their customers with the latest innovations. The latest of these changes is a new refrigerant, R290. R290 is a propane-based refrigerant that is as much as 40 percent more energy-efficient than other refrigerants. It also reduces heat emissions, which can reduce the temperature in your kitchen and lessen the strain on your HVAC system. This new refrigerant also reduces the internal pressure in the system, leading to an extended lifecycle.

Delfield has already begun introducing units with the R290 refrigerant, and will continue the changeover throughout 2016. The company plans for every Delfield refrigerator to be using R290 by March of 2017.

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