Delfield Warranties Keep Your Kitchen Running

Delfield Warranties

Delfield was founded in Detroit in 1949 and has been a part of the Welbilt (formerly Manitowoc Foodservice Group) family of companies since 2008. More than 60 years of experience has allowed the company to develop a robust support system for its customers, including warranties that come standard with each piece of equipment and extended warranties now available through the parent company. Learn more about how Delfield and Welbilt stand behind these commercial refrigeration products and help you purchase with confidence.

Three-Year Limited Warranty

Refrigerator repairs can be costly, so buying a reliable product with a good warranty is essential. Delfield backs five of their major series with a 3-year limited warranty, which covers defects at no cost to you. This warranty covers the unit for three years from the date of shipment, and covers parts, labor, freight, and crating costs incurred in any repairs.

As with any warranty, it is important to know exactly what it applies to and what actions can void it. Delfield's three-year warranty is only valid on units sold in the United States and Canada. In order for it to remain valid, the equipment must not be misused, neglected, or altered. If the unit is moved from its original installation point, the warranty is voided. Additionally, the user must follow the maintenance and care routines described in the product manual.

The commercial refrigeration units included in this warranty are:

These units also include an additional two-year parts-only protection plan for the compressor. Like the three year warranty, this covers factory defects, and is voided if any misuse, negligence, or alterations are evident. Delfield will replace the compressor once in the two year period, if necessary. This plan covers the compressor only, and does not include labor charges.

Limited Lifetime ABS Liner Warranty

Delfield offers an additional warranty on the ABS liner used in the 6000XL reach-in refrigerator series and the 400/4000/4400 undercounter series. These commercial refrigerators feature a durable, thermoformed ABS liner inside the refrigerator cabinet and on the inside of the doors. The company includes a limited lifetime warranty for this liner on units sold in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The warranty is good for the expected life of the unit, which is 12 years.

This warranty means that, should any defect occur in your liner under normal use, Delfield will ship you the necessary replacement part or repair kit. Labor, service, and travel time are not included.


As part of the Welbilt family, Delfield is able to offer an extended warranty on its products through the KitchenCare® program. This program covers refrigerator repairs done by a factory-trained authorized service agent, and is available individually or as part of the KitchenCare Installation and Planned Maintenance Care Package.

For the cost of an average service call, the extended warranty program offered through KitchenCare allows you to avoid unexpected refrigerator repair costs. The Installation and Planned Maintenance Care Service Package can help prevent the need for refrigerator repair, keeping downtime to a minimum by setting up a planned maintenance schedule with a factory authorized servicer. If you are interested in purchasing an extended warranty, call 1-800-541-8683 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

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