Chicago Metallic Bakeware Care

Chicago Metallic Bakeware

Chicago Metallic, now a member of the Bundy Baking Solutions family of brands, has been manufacturing quality and dependable bakeware for more than 100 years. Today, the company offers a variety of baking sheets and bun, bread, cupcake, muffin, cake, and pizza pans.

Chicago Metallic uses a specially-formulated coating, a silicone glaze called Americoat Plus, on many of its products. This coating has been proven to last up to 600 bake cycles, after which point the pan should have developed a natural non-stick coating from the oils used each time you bake. The company's coating offers long-lasting performance, provides up to 30 percent more releases than alternative glazes, helps prevent product waste, and enhances pan sanitation.

Using Chicago Metallic Bakeware

To help you get the longest life out of your Chicago Metallic bakeware, it is recommended that you follow these use and care guidelines.

  • Lubricate the pan before every use. Before each use, to further prevent product from sticking, apply your choice of oil or shortening onto areas of the pan that batter or dough will come in contact with.

  • Don't use metal utensils. Because metal can scratch the glaze of the pan and lead to corrosion, you should only use plastic or silicone utensils.

  • Promptly remove baked goods. While the pan is still warm, remove all baked goods. If product is allowed to cool in the pan, steam could penetrate the glaze. This can cause the glaze to lift or fail or can otherwise damage the surface of the pan.

  • Clean your pan as you go. Wiping down your still-warm pan with a damp towel or a towel with lubricant on it should provide a thorough cleaning.

  • Hand-wash your pans. When necessary, you can hand-wash the pan with pH-neutral products, like mild soap and water. Avoid acidic cleaners, abrasive scrubbing pads, and alkaline detergents, as these can corrode the glaze. You should never soak your pan in water.

  • Dry your pan. Chicago Metallic recommends drying your bakeware in a warm oven, but they can also be thoroughly dried with a towel.

  • Store pans properly. Pans shouldn't be nested immediately after drying. Store pans upside down in a dry and warm area, away from humidity. For best results, a drying rack designed for holding pans should be used.

Please note that select products are available with a premium DuraShield coating, which can offer superior results and requires the same amount of care. If you follow this suggested maintenance routine when using and storing your Chicago Metallic baking equipment, it should provide you with a long life and lasting performance.