Carlisle Cateraide IT Catering Boxes

Upgrade Your Catering with Carlisle Cateraide IT

When you're looking for high-end catering equipment, look no further than Carlisle's Cateraide™ IT series. This line of equipment includes front loaders, end loaders, and beverage servers that feature sturdy construction and sleek, modern designs. These catering boxes have wide, rounded handles for easy transportation, and are available in Onyx, Caramel, and Olive. This line holds up to its "insulated transport" namesake, with the ability to hold hot and cold food at food-safe temperatures for more than six hours, as compared to the leading competitor's four hours. Carlisle Cateraide IT catering boxes are also able to achieve a tight seal without the use of a gasket, making cleaning simple and reducing the number of parts that will potentially need to be replaced.

Cateraide IT Models

  • End Loader: Cateraide IT end loaders have extra-wide, rounded handles on top to make two-person lifting simple and stable. The door hinge is a flat piece that attaches on a swivel to both the door and the cabinet, allowing the door to open until it is pressed flat against the side of the unit. This allows wide-open access to the cabinet, which can hold six 2.5-inch-deep or four 4-inch-deep full-size pans. These don’t have gaskets, so you never have to worry about cleaning or replacing one, and the door hinge can be removed to make cleaning the door simple.
  • Top Loader: Cateraide IT top loaders are available in 12-, 18- and 24-quart sizes, which are able to hold 4-, 6-, and 8-inch-deep full-size pans, respectively. These top loaders can hold half- and third-size pans without adapter bars, allowing users versatility without additional costs. These catering boxes are NSF listed, meaning they are easy to clean.
  • Beverage Server: Cateraide IT beverage servers are available in 212-, 5-, and 10-gallon sizes to meet the needs of gatherings of various sizes. Top-mounted handles are wide and rounded to enable two-person lifting for easy transportation. The double-walled polyethylene construction is filled with thick foam insulation, ensuring hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for as long as 12 hours. The latch for the top opening can be easily operated with one hand, and both it and the hinge are recessed to prevent damage. These beverage servers are stackable and feature spring-action dripless faucets for mess-free dispensing.

Cateraide IT Use & Maintenance

Following the proper care and use procedures1 for your Carlisle catering equipment can help ensure it has a long, useful life and holds temperature as long as it should. Each unit should be washed and rinsed prior to its first use. Insulated containers are dishwasher safe, though care should be taken with conveyor machines to ensure latches don't get caught. Units should be cleaned after each use, and de-staining compounds approved for food contact can be used as needed. Carlisle recommends the use of a faucet brush for cleaning the inside of the beverage dispenser's faucet.

In order to get the most of your Cateraide IT catering equipment, you can adjust the temperature of the unit's interior before you ever add food. For example, if you will be storing hot food, you can use hot water to pre-heat the interior of your top loader or end loader. Alternatively, if you are storing cold food or drink, the entire unit can be pre-chilled in a freezer. Doing this can extend the hot or cold holding time, ensuring food safety and quality. When filling the beverage dispenser, be sure not to overfill the unit, which can result in liquid escaping from the vent cap when the lid is secured. Instead, keep the liquid level at least 114 inches from the top to prevent spills.

Carlisle Cateraide Accessories

Having the right accessories to pair with the Carlisle Cateraide IT line can make the units you have even more versatile and easy to use. The end loader has pre-drilled holes, allowing 5-inch casters to be easily added, or it can be used with the Cateraide IT Dolly. Another option to make moving Cateraide models easier is the Cateraide Universal Dolly, which can transport multiple units at once by taking advantage of the carriers' stackable designs.

Cateraide IT series units can also be used with the Carlisle CaterCooler, an insert the same size as a full-size pan that can be frozen overnight to extend the cold holding time of the carrier without the mess of ice. The polyethylene exterior of the CaterCooler is durable and BPA-free.

  1. Instructions for Use and Care of Your Insulated Products. Carlisle Foodservice Products. Accessed February 2017.