The 21 Carlisle Brushes You Need for a Clean Business

Keys to Cleaning: 21 Carlisle Brushes

Carlisle, which began as Continental Plastics in 1955, is a leading provider of catering, storage, and dinnerware supplies. The company's lineup of cleaning tools gives foodservice operations reliable and efficient solutions to their sanitation needs. To help operators keep their kitchens, equipment, and other vital components clean, Carlisle has identified 21 key brushes that every business should own. Keeping these Carlisle cleaning brushes on hand can improve the safety and sanitation of your foodservice operation.

21 Key Carlisle Cleaning Brushes

    Pastry and Basting

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Hot Use Brush
  1. Hot Use Brush. Able to withstand temperatures as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit, hot-use basting brushes can be used to baste meat and poultry. Carlisle's Chef Series basting brushes are made with hardwood handles and bleached boar's hair bristles that have been sterilized and double boiled. Although they are heat resistant, they should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. Instead, Carlisle recommends they be dipped in a commercial cleaning solution and then rinsed off.
  2. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Pastry Brush
  3. Cold Use Brush. A cold-use brush is perfect for pastry applications, such as when butter needs to be brushed onto a baked good. These have boar's hair bristles or nylon bristles, which have a lower heat distortion point of only 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and are designed with hooks molded into their synthetic handles. Those allow these brushes to hang off of containers and to be angled off of the countertop when they are set down, preventing messes and keeping the bristles clean and sanitary.
  4. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Silicone Basting Brush
  5. Silicone Basting Brush. Like basting brushes with boar's hair bristles, silicone basting brushes are able to withstand temperatures as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike boar's hair bristles, these are resistant to stains and odors, and can be easily cleaned and sanitized in a dishwasher. The silicone bristles on these basting brushes are color-coded red, so employees will know at a glance that they are suitable for high-temperature applications.
  6. General Cleanup

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Utility Brush
  7. 8-inch Polyester Scrub Brush. An 8-inch utility brush can be used to clean pots, pans, and other surfaces that require a medium level of scrubbing. The polyester bristles are trimmed at varied angles, which means multiple points of contact with the surface being scrubbed. The handle is designed for user comfort and the brush will not absorb residue from food.
  8. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Utility Brush
  9. 20-inch Polyester Scrub Brush. The 20-inch utility brush is the same as the 8-inch version, but is equipped with a longer handle. This allows it to be used to scrub larger, deeper pots and pans, and other equipment that can be difficult to scrub with a short brush.
  10. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Scratch Brush
  11. Scratch Brush with Scraper. Equip your staff for tough cleaning jobs with an 1112-inch scratch brush with a scraper tool attached. This Carlisle brush has carbon steel, stainless steel, or nylon bristles, so it can remove tough deposits of grease and other residues. It is also designed with a long, thin shape, so it can be used to clean narrow spaces.

    Food Preparation

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Vegetable Brush
  1. Vegetable Brush. Carlisle recommends having a round vegetable brush on hand so staff can thoroughly clean vegetables like cucumbers and zucchini. The bristles on this type of brush are looped, so produce can be placed in the middle of the circle, allowing the brush to clean each side of the vegetable at once.
  2. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Cutting Board Brush
  3. 6-inch Cutting Board Brush. Designed with an ergonomic shape and crimped polyester bristles, these can be color-coded to the cutting boards they're used to clean, reducing the chances of cross-contamination. These can be cleaned and sanitized in a dishwasher and will not absorb moisture or oils from food.
  4. Floor Cleaning

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Floor Squeegee
  5. 24-inch Double Foam Rubber Squeegee. Carlisle recommends a double foam squeegee with a metal frame, which has a medium amount of flexibility. This design provides a heavy-duty tool for removing liquids from floors, including uneven tiled surfaces. The squeegee will also pick up dirt and other debris from the floor.
  6. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Hi-Lo Brush
  7. Hi-Lo Floor Scrub. To maximize your cleaning efficiency, the hi-lo floor scrub brush features bristles at three different angles. This allows employees to scrub away dirt and grime from floors and baseboards, under cabinets, and around equipment. The bristles are crimped, so they can be easily washed off and are resistant to the buildup of residue.
  8. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Angled Broom
  9. Duo-sweep Angle Broom. The Duo-Sweep angled broom does not have angled bristles, but offers two handle attachment options for upright and angled use. This helps employees clean the corners of floors and baseboards, as well as other areas that are not easily reached.
  10. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Omni Sweep
  11. 24-inch Omni Floor Sweep. Angled bristles can clean floors more thoroughly than straight bristles, which is why Omni Sweep brooms are designed with two different types of bristles. The front bristles are short and heavy, which allows them to collect heavier debris, while the rear bristles are longer and meant to collect finer particles.
  12. The handles for Carlisle brushes that require them, such as brooms and mops, are sold separately, so you can purchase the handle length that best suits your needs. Carlisle handles can be between 36 and 72 inches long, generally sized in 12-inch increments.

21 Key Carlisle Brushes

    Kitchen Equipment

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Broiler Master Brush
  1. Broiler Master Brush. The Broiler Master cleaning tool will help employees rid broilers and grills of burned-on food, grease, and other residue. This brush has a stainless steel scraper with stiff bristles on one side of the brush head and semi-stiff bristles on the other side to provide thorough and versatile cleaning options. It is designed to withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Fryer Brush
  3. L-tipped Teflon Fryer Brush. The L-tipped high-heat fryer brush is an essential tool for any operation with a fryer. Because it can withstand temperatures as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this Carlisle brush allows employees to clean frypots and coils while the fryer is still hot. This will prevent workflow delays and encourage employees to clean the fryer more frequently. The handle is plastic, rather than metal, so it does not heat up when used on a warm fryer.
  4. Beverage Service

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Carafe Brush
  5. 12-inch Carafe/Bottle Brush. To ensure glass serveware can be thoroughly cleaned without being damaged, bottle brushes are designed with soft bristles that will not scratch the insides of bottles, jars, and carafes. The plastic handles are long so the brushes are compatible with a variety of differently sized serveware.
  6. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Decanter Brush
  7. Coffee Decanter Brush. Much like a bottle brush, a decanter brush has a long handle so the bristles can reach the bottoms and sides of deep containers without the risk of a hand getting stuck in the opening. Decanter brushes have wider bristles that conform to the shape of a decanter rather than the narrower shape of a bottle.

    Floor Drain Cleaning

    Floor Drain Brush and Handle
  1. Floor Drain Brush. This Carlisle brush has polypropylene bristles that can stand up to commercial use and are shaped perfectly to fit into a floor drain, ensuring a thorough cleaning. It should be paired with Carlisle's special drain brush handle to prevent cross-contamination.
  2. 36-inch Plastic Drain Brush Handle. Meant to be paired with the floor drain brush, this Carlisle cleaning tool is clearly marked in English and Spanish with the words, "Use for Floor Drain Only." However, the handle is also designed to only connect to floor drain brushes, further reducing the chance of cross-contamination.
  3. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Drain Opening Tool
  4. Drain Opening Tool. A drain grate removal tool will allow staff members to prepare the drain for cleaning without contaminating their hands. The drain opening tool has two ends that are inserted into the opening of the drain grate, which can then be lifted off and set aside. The plastic handles provide a secure grip to users, enabling them to avoid accidentally dropping the grate or grate tool.
  5. Washroom and Personal Hygiene

    21 Carlisle Brushes - Hand and Nail Brush
  6. Hand and Nail Brush. Ensuring that employees adhere to proper handwashing techniques reduces the risk of foodborne illness. It is recommended that employees wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 15 seconds, but without the assistance of a hand and nail brush, employees may not be able to thoroughly clean their hands and under their nails. Hand and nail brushes are designed with two different types of bristles: long bristles for scrubbing hands and fingers, and shorter, stiffer bristles that will scrub under fingernails.
  7. 21 Carlisle Brushes - Bowl Brush
  8. Polyester Bowl Brush. With the No-Splash Bowl Brush, your cleaning staff will be able to clean toilet bowls in a sanitary manner. The polyester bristles on this Carlisle brush are arranged in a 180-degree design, so liquids on the brush don’t splash onto the user. The brush is also 17 inches long, which allows staff to clean toilet bowls from a safe distance.