Carlisle EZ Access Lids Protect Food Quality & Safety

EZ Access Lids Can Improve Food Safety

Traditional food pan lids can be hard to deal with. They tend to slow down service by requiring staff to use both hands to access a pan's contents. The frustration food pan lids can cause often leads staff to remove them altogether, which potentially puts the food's quality and safety in jeopardy. Carlisle's EZ Access lids are designed to solve these and many more problems associated with food pan lids.

Carlisle's EZ Access lids were developed in close collaboration with the operators who depend on them daily, so they're designed to address real-world problems. There are three critical quality control measures that Carlisle's hinged food pan lids can help operators achieve.

  • Maintain safe food temperatures: Carlisle EZ Access lids help retain the temperature of foods held on refrigerated prep tables and cold food serving lines. Each lid's cover is mounted on a hinge that makes it easy for staff members to open and close the pan each time they access the food.
  • Keep foods separated: Food stored in pans covered by Carlisle EZ Access lids are less likely to become contaminated by food in nearby containers. This measure can help prevent items from becoming exposed to allergens and illness-causing pathogens.
  • Maximize holding times: Food that's kept covered stays fresh longer because it doesn’t dry out as readily as uncovered food. This benefit alone is likely enough to help an operator save a significant amount in food costs by reducing product waste.

Attention to Detail

The team that designed Carlisle EZ Access lids took great care to include details that make the accessories easier for the user and more likely to bring a return on the operator's investment. Many of these features are ones that Carlisle's competitors missed.

The openings of EZ Access lids are 50 percent larger than competing lids. That makes it easier for members of the foodservice crew to reach through the lid and retrieve the container's contents. Small handles are built into each lid to give the user a way to open it with the flick of a thumb.

Carlisle hinged food pan lids are designed to fit snugly to the top of the pans so they don't pop off when they're opened. A double-hinged design allows the lids to withstand the wear and tear of being frequently opened and closed.

The lids are available with and without utensil notches that allow portion-control spoons to remain inside the container with the lid closed. While some food pans lids sit recessed into pans, EZ Access lids are raised above the tops of pans so they won't reduce the container's capacity.

Carlisle's EZ Access lids are made without sharp corners to make them easy to clean and sanitize. Molded-in holes allow the lids to be hung on pegs so they can dry quickly and safely.

EZ Access Lids are available for half-, third-, sixth-, and ninth-size food pans. The half- and third-size lids come in three styles: one with no utensils notches, one with a single utensil notch, and one with two utensil notches. The smaller two sizes are available with one or no notches. Refer to the following table to find the lid with the features you need.

HandleNotch2 Notches