Five Uses for Carlisle Bronco Food Containers

Bronco Containers are NSF-Approved for Holding Food

Countless foodservice operators depend on Carlisle Bronco containers for managing waste, but that's just one solution provided by these cans. The containers are also NSF-approved for food contact, meaning they can safely hold raw and ready-to-eat dry and chilled food. That versatility and the line's wide range of color options open up a world of possibilities in terms of how the cans can be used.

Here are a few real-world examples of how operators use Carlisle Bronco containers to prep and store food.

  • Brining pickles. Deli operators use smaller 10-gallon Bronco trash cans to brine their own house-made pickles to serve along with made-to-order sandwiches. Green color-coded containers are a great choice for this application.
  • Storing fresh tortilla chips. We've heard of many Mexican restaurants using 10- and 20-gallon Bronco containers to hold fresh tortilla chips. Tight-fitting lids help keep the chips crispy.
  • House-made sauerkraut. Operators who want to get in on the in-house fermented vegetable trend can do so with little overhead when they let their funky fixin's ferment in a Carlisle food storage bin.
  • From-scratch sauces. Chefs who make their own sauces from scratch in big batches can do so in a Bronco container. It's not uncommon for cooks to blend tomato-based pasta sauce and salsa directly inside one of these containers using an immersion blender. That sauce can then be portioned into smaller containers or held in bulk in a Bronco container inside the walk-in cooler. Red cans are often used to designate that they contain sauce.
  • Dry ingredient storage. Operators can depend on Carlisle food containers to hold dry ingredients like cornmeal and flour. White 10- and 20-gallon Bronco containers can be used instead of similarly-sized ingredient bins and are available at a fraction of the cost.

Rugged Construction

The same rugged features that make Bronco cans dependable waste containers also add to their value as food containers. Thick, durable plastic lets the cans hold up to the abuse of kitchen life. They won't be damaged by metal tools and utensils, and double-reinforced stress ribs resist damage from twisting and impacts. Drag skids let the containers be dragged across rough floors without becoming damaged.

Helper handles molded into the bottom of each Bronco give staff members a secure grip when they need to empty the container. The curved handles on the can's rim are designed for the user's comfort.

Need a mobile food container? Notches molded into the base of each Bronco can attach the container securely to an available dolly with 3-inch, non-marking casters. These dollies make the can easy to wheel around the kitchen from station to station or in and out of the walk-in cooler.

When you're storing food, sanitation is critical, and that means you'll need a tight-fitting lid on each of your Carlisle food storage containers. That's why the company's engineers have built each can with a lid notch that retains its lid securely. Pre-drilled holes in the lid and handle allow each can's lid to be attached with a cable tie so it doesn't become lost.