Carlisle Dinnerware, Cleaning Tools, Catering and Storage Supplies

Carlisle restaurant supplies are trusted throughout the industry, and you can find everything in their selection here.

Carlisle Food Bars Example Product

Carlisle food bars hold and serve food safely. With an array of sizes and styles available, you're sure to find one that fits your establishment's needs.

Carlisle Food Pans & Containers Example Product

Our selection of Carlisle food pans includes round and square designs and compatible lids, as well as options for high-heat applications and cold buffets.

Carlisle Miscellaneous Example Product

Find all the pieces you need to complete your foodservice kitchen and dining area here, including common chefs' tools and display pieces.

Carlisle Glass & Dish Racks Example Product

Protect and organize flatware, dishes, and glasses in your dishmachine with Carlisle dish racks and Carlisle glass racks formed from durable polypropylene.

Carlisle Cleaning Tools Example Product

Cleaning your facility is made easier with a full system of brushes for every purpose, from decanter cleaners to floor drain scrubbers.

Carlisle Warewashing, Bus Boxes & Carts Example Product

Equip your staff to clear tables with ease while preventing spills and provide organization in your warewashing room with these bus boxes and carts.

Carlisle Beverage Service Example Product

An insulated beverage carrier enables you to serve large quantities of hot or cold liquids, whether in your facility or offsite.

Carlisle Trash Cans Example Product

These trash cans are an affordable and durable solution perfect for any commercial business, with everything from office wastebaskets to utility cans here.

Carlisle Food Storage Boxes Example Product

Carlisle food storage containers in dozens of sizes are used in commercial operations for food storage and holding ingredients during food prep.

Carlisle Catering Equipment Example Product

Our selection of catering supplies includes insulated beverage equipment, folding carts, and pan carriers that keep food at appropriate temperatures.

Carlisle Condiment Dispensers Example Product

Keep your prep station well organized by using these affordable condiment dispensers for everything from ketchup to syrup.

Carlisle Steam Pans & Covers Example Product

We offer several size options in these steam pans and covers because different uses call for a variety of capacities.

Carlisle Kitchen Supplies Example Product

This category includes ingredient bins to improve efficiency, mixing bowls and strainers for prep, and pans and bakeware for cooking.

Carlisle Bar Supplies Example Product

These bar supplies are perfect for heavy-duty commercial bar use and are priced for those keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Carlisle Hot Food Pans & Covers Example Product

These hot food pans and covers hold up to high temperatures, making them perfect for holding meatballs, sauces, and hot soups.

Carlisle Salsa, Chip & Tortilla Servers Example Product

Provide your diners with delicious fajitas and salsa or keep tortillas handy in your prep area with these lidded servers and bowls.

Carlisle Cookware Example Product

This cookware selection includes large-capacity stock pots, non-stick aluminum fry pans, and induction-ready sauce pans.

Here you'll find supplies that will prepare you to complete most any job in the kitchen, from prep brushes to serving spoons.

From self-service buffets and cafeterias, to full-service diners and steakhouses, these durable and colorful trays are useful in many operations.

Available in designs ranging from tumblers to pitchers, Carlisle drinkware is resilient and resists breaking. You can learn more about their benefits here.

Keep your facility's floors clean and safe with Carlisle floor care products, including everything from squeegees and scrub brushes to brooms and mop buckets.

Set up the perfect serving arrangement for your facility with these food bar accessories, including sneeze shields and tray slides.

Find all the equipment you need here for setting up a buffet or other serving line, from chafers to trays, salad tongs to plate stands.

Carlisle Products: What You Need to Know

Carlisle Foodservice Products is a widely known and trusted brand of restaurant supplies that makes everything from durable cookware to warewashing supplies. All the Carlisle products KaTom carries can be found in this category, including insulated food carriers, storage options, specialty serving items, bar supplies, janitorial supplies, and other miscellaneous items necessary for running a commercial kitchen.

Because Carlisle covers such a wide swath of the industry, it has the experience necessary to make perfect products for commercial foodservice. This company also has expertise from every facet of the industry, bringing innovations from one corner of foodservice to another. Whatever part of your business needs new equipment, Carlisle food products have you covered with trustworthy pieces and accessories.

Common Questions About Carlisle Restaurant Supplies

Does Carlisle make catering equipment?

Carlisle makes nearly everything you need to transport food from a catering kitchen to a serving venue while keeping it hot and tasty. Depending on the type of food they're designed to hold, insulated food carriers and insulated beverage dispensers can keep your food and drink at an appropriate serving temperature for hours. Carlisle restaurant supplies also include wheeled utility carts that enable you to move large quantities of food from one place to another. Heat lamps and food pans are also available, which means you can increase the total possible volume of your catering operation without decreasing the quality of the food you serve.

What about buffet equipment?

Carlisle makes portable food bars and portable liquid bars so you can add a buffet portion to your establishment without rearranging your entire dining room. These mobile buffet stations have sneeze guards, wheels that lock in place, and different pan capacity options, so you can get exactly as much as you need without overpaying. We also carry a large assortment of accessories for these mobile buffet bars, so you can customize them to your specific needs. Most of these food bars have an ice well beneath the food pans to keep the food refrigerated, but if you want to keep food warm, you'll need warming lamps. Luckily, Carlisle restaurant supplies include those too. Consider the total power draw of the lamps and make sure your electrical system can handle running as many as you need at one time before making any purchases.

Can Carlisle help keep a restaurant clean?

Carlisle food products will help you run a foodservice establishment from start to finish, including cleanup. Carlisle makes warewashing equipment, bus boxes, and cleaning carts specifically designed to make cleanup as quick and painless as possible. Every bit of efficiency you can bring to your business means labor hours that can be used for other tasks; cleanup can take a long time if you don't have the right tools. With Carlisle restaurant supplies, you can ensure your business has the proper tools to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms, which improves the overall aesthetic of your business and prevents potential food safety hazards.

Why choose Carlisle restaurant supplies?

Operators choose Carlisle because it produces quality pieces at an affordable price. Carlisle has been working in this industry for decades and has the experience necessary to ensure that every piece of equipment that bears the name is worth using.

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