Protect Customers and Your Profits by Dating Food

Dating Food with Cambro Food Rotation Labels

"When in doubt, throw it out" is an adage often used to describe a basic food safety rule, which recommends getting rid of any food that appears to be of a questionable quality. No food should be used or served once it has expired, but adhering to this advice in a commercial kitchen without implementing a system for dating food leaves a lot of room for error by busy cooks. By using Cambro food rotation labels, kitchen staff can easily track where each ingredient is stored and follow a "First In, First Out" policy.

Count on Cambro Food Rotation Labels

Failing to implement a rotation system can potentially endanger guests and decrease your profits, as some kitchen staff may not be able to tell when an ingredient is no longer fresh, while others may throw out food while it is still good. To eliminate confusion and lessen the chance for error, kitchen staff should be instructed how to understand and participate in your food product dating system. The system you implement should also use hygienic and comprehensive labels that don't leave behind potentially hazardous residue after the label is removed.

Cambro Food Rotation Labels

By providing dedicated spaces for writing the product name, the date and time when it was prepared, and the use-by date and time, Cambro food rotation labels make it easy for staff to know what is being stored in a container and by when it can be safely used. There is also a day-of-the-week indicator along the bottom, so staff members can tell at a glance on which day the food was prepared, and a place for the employee in charge of labeling the container to write his or her initials.

Adhesive Residue

It's not uncommon for adhesive writing surfaces, such as masking tape, to be used in place of labels designed specifically for labeling food containers in commercial kitchens. Although this may seem like a low-cost alternative, materials like this can leave behind a sticky residue that is difficult to remove and can harbor bacteria. These improvised labels also do not provide enough space for staff members to accurately and consistently record the information others will need to know about the food being stored, potentially creating food safety hazards.

StoreSafe Food Rotation Labels Dissolving

Being able to quickly and completely remove a food rotation label is a necessity for any fast-paced commercial kitchen. That's why Cambro food storage labels will dissolve in 30 seconds or less when exposed to water. This can be accomplished by cleaning the container in a dish machine or by running cold or hot water over the labels in a sink. Because the labels are dissolvable and biodegradable, rinsing them off in a sink or dish machine will not cause any clogging issues in the drains or plumbing.