A Guide to the Cambro H-Pan Series

Cambro H-Pan Series

Cambro has manufactured smallwares and storage solutions in the United States for more than 60 years, providing high-quality equipment for restaurants, caterers, and other foodservice operations. The H-Pan series, Cambro's line of high-heat pans, is designed to give operators a versatile food pan capable of being stored in a refrigerator and being placed on the serving line in a chafer or on a steam table. Learn more about what these high-heat food pans are made from and how they can be used in your kitchen.

Why Use Cambro High-heat Pans?

These high-heat pans are made from a high-quality plastic resin that has properties that make it a great fit in commercial kitchens, including durability, heat resistance, and transparency. H-Pans have traditionally been identifiable by their amber color, though the series now includes black pans that provide operators a sleeker option for use in customer-facing applications. The downside to the black pans is that they are not transparent, so employees cannot see what is being stored as easily; however, pairing black pans with amber lids allows the contents to be seen from the top. Whether your kitchen uses amber or black high-heat pans, the H-Pan series offers a number of operational advantages.

  • Temperature range of -40 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cambro's high-heat pans can be used in cold and hot applications, making them a versatile choice for operations that need to take food from cold storage to warm it up in a microwave or oven and then place it on a serving line. This convenient adaptability also means food does not need to be transferred between food pans for those tasks, which is more sanitary as it reduces the amount of handling food has to undergo. This also helps lessen the amount of product that gets wasted each day.
  • Designed for food holding and some cooking applications. Although they are recommended for holding, serving, and storing products, the temperature range of the H-Pan series means the pans can be used in cooking at temperatures lower than 375 degrees as well, whether for steaming vegetables or baking pasta.
  • Can be used in microwaves, chafers, and steam tables. H-Pans are more versatile than metal pans, since they can safely be used in the microwave. The durable plastic material also will not bend or warp like metal pans, making it a great choice for steam table use since the pans always fit snugly in the openings and will not allow heat to escape.
  • Safe for use in low- and high-temp commercial dishwashers. To ensure employees can efficiently clean these Cambro high-heat food pans, they can be sanitized in any commercial warewasher.
  • Third- and full-size H-Pans available with handles. Some H-Pans are designed with handles on one or both ends, with the latter designed for use in pass-through units. These handles allow employees to safely put food pans with items like grilled or fried chicken and french fries into hot holding units and quickly remove them when necessary.
  • Pairs with lids, colander pans, and other accessories. H-Pans are compatible with a variety of accessories, including colander pans, also called drain shelves, designed to allow food to drain and different lid styles that provide easy access to the pan's contents.