Cambro Changes High Heat Pan Material

Due to a disruption in their material supply chain, Cambro has recently begun using a new material to make their hot food pans. The new NSF-listed, FDA-approved material is an amber resin, just like the previous one, and it is recommended for the same applications as earlier models. Pans made of this new material are approved for holding foods as hot as 300 degrees F, and they're safe for heating and warming foods in a microwave, but should never be used to cook.

This new material has a slight variation in color compared to the previous one, but product codes and UPCs will remain the same. The pans are dishwasher safe, and the price of Cambro's food pans will be unaffected by the change. This new material was chosen to provide the same dependability and quality that Cambro customers rely on while ensuring that these critical items remain available and prices remain stable.

Key Features of Cambro's New H-Pan Material

  • Rated for foods up to 300 degrees F
  • Only for food holding, not for cooking
  • Safe for heating and warming food in a microwave
  • Minor variation in color versus earlier material
  • Product codes and UPC codes are the same as earlier models
  • Prices remain the same
  • Safe to be washed in commercial dishwasher
  • New amber resin is NSF Listed and FDA Approved