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Choosing the Right Cadco Bakerlux Oven

A commercial equipment manufacturer since 1996, Cadco offers a variety of portable and countertop cooking solutions for foodservice operations, including a digital convection oven series with models designed for delis, concessions stands and snack kiosks, convenience stores, chain restaurants, healthcare facilities, and cafeterias in schools and universities. Learn more about the Bakerlux™ oven's operator-friendly features and use the model guide at the bottom of the page to find the right one for your kitchen.

The Bakerlux Oven Offers "Baking Ahead of Its Time"

Bakerlux ovens are designed with an advanced airflow system and a fan that automatically reverses to provide an even and efficient bake for everything from croissants to lasagna. In addition to an infinite timer and a 175 to 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature range, models in this series may include the following features:

Adjustable humidity controls. Bakerlux models equipped with humidity enable operators to choose precisely how much moisture is used to cook their menu items. The humidity level can be set to 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 percent.

Bake with 3 or 9 steps. Operators can set precise cooking parameters, with 3 or 9 steps depending on the model. Each set can have a different time, temperature, and humidity to achieve optimal results.

Programmable cooking functions. The Bakerlux can be used "manually" by setting new parameters each time or "automatically" by selecting a previously programmed cooking process. Each Bakerlux oven can save 99 cooking programs, but some models offer 12 "quick access" programs to quickly cook your most popular items.

Proofer compatibility. Cadco offers a compatible Bakerlux proofer accessory that is controlled by the oven's LED or touchscreen controls. The proofer can be set to a maximum temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit and can accommodate eight sheet pans.

Wi-Fi connectivity and data-driven cooking. To promote consistent results across multiple locations, some Bakerlux ovens can connect to Wi-Fi, collect data (including information required by most HACCP plans), and be programmed with USB devices.

Bottom- or side-hinged door. While most Bakerlux models have a bottom-hinged door that opens down, two come standard with a side-hinged door that swings open. Side-hinged models include an automatic lock feature on the oven that activates when cooking begins.

To ensure you find the right model for your kitchen, Cadco Bakerlux ovens are available in half and full sizes, with three or four shelves and LED or touchscreen controls.

Find Your Cadco Bakerlux Oven

ModelSizeShelvesBaking StepsInfinite Timer120-500°FAdjustable Humidity2 Fan SpeedsProofer Control99 Programs12 Quick Access ProgramsWi-FiData-driven CookingSide-opening Door