Cadco Ovens Buyers' Guide

Find the Right Cadco Oven for Your Countertop

Founded in 1996, Cadco is a relative newcomer to the foodservice industry, but the company has quickly established a reputation as a quality manufacturer of countertop ovens. Cadco makes convection and combi ovens from quarter- to full-size, and offers a selection of accessories to help you get the best use out of your equipment.

OV Series

The OV series of Cadco convection ovens includes medium-duty units available in several sizes. The smallest Cadco oven in the OV series accommodates three quarter-size pans and the largest can hold four half-size pans. These oven models, known for their portability, are often used for catering because they're more lightweight than similar ovens, making them easier to transport to off-site events. With the exception of the largest size, OV-series ovens also plug into standard 120 V outlets, making them easy to power away from the kitchen.

OV-series Cadco ovens are able to heat from 175 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are insulated to prevent heat loss, making the units more energy efficient and reducing the amount of ambient heat they generate to help maintain a comfortable working environment near the oven. A 60-minute timer with a buzzer comes standard, as does a double-paned glass door. A stainless steel door is an option for the half-size oven with three shelves, for foodservice operators that wish to take their unit on the road.

XAF Series

The XAF series of Cadco ovens are available as convection or combi ovens. These ovens are heavy-duty and meant for back-of-house use. They feature double-paned glass doors that remain cool to the touch, with interior glass that's easily removable for cleaning. The inner cavity has rounded corners, which can also help with cleaning and ensure even airflow. The channel gasket in the door is easily removed for cleaning or replacement, and it along with the fully-insulated cavity ensures minimal heat loss. The oven's interior is lighted to allow the user to keep an eye on the food as it cooks.

The XAF series can come with manual or digital controls and with or without the capability to generate humidity. On units with manual controls, the humidity is manually injected by the press of a button. Units with digital controls offer programmable humidity settings, meaning those can be used as proofers. The manual controls include a 60-minute timer, and the digital controls allow you to set the timer for as long as 10 hours. The digital controls offer 99 programmable recipe settings. These models are available in full- and half-size, with three or four shelves.


Once you find the right Cadco convection oven for your kitchen, you can consider which accessories may help you get the best use out of your oven. The company offers several for each oven size, including:

  • Deflector plate: A piece that slows down and redirects the airflow in a Cadco convection oven, which is useful when cooking delicate foods that rise, such as bread or cake, that may end up leaning to one side if the airflow is too strong.
  • Sheet pan: Cadco offers aluminum sheet pans in quarter, half, and full sizes.
  • Heat plate: Cadco's heat plates are made out of aluminized steel and are available in quarter, half, and full sizes. These offer a non-stick baking surface and can be used as pizza stones. They can also function as heat sinks, helping the oven recover temperatures faster after the door has been opened and closed.
  • Oven basket: Stainless steel oven baskets allow even airflow around cooking food, which allows it to cook faster with crispier end results. These are available in quarter-, half-, and full-size.
  • Stacking kits: Cadco stacking kits enable you to make the best use of the space you have to work with by allowing you to stack XAF ovens on top of one another.