Browne-Halco Mandolin Slicer Cuts Prep Time in Busy Kitchens

More than a Mandolin

The Browne Foodservice Ultra Cube System Mandolin expands on the much-relied-on capabilities of the classic mandolin format to enable chefs to get more from this essential prep tool. Specially designed for commercial kitchens, the Ultra Mandolin is built for rugged dependability and offers the ability for users to julienne fruits and vegetables, in addition to creating waffle slices, dices, crinkle cuts, and diamond cuts. Chefs can easily adjust how thickly the mandolin slices with a built-in screw.

The fine-tuned control is valued in kitchens where speed and uniformity of the end product are important. When presentation is key, the consistency offered by uniform slices is an impressive touch. A handy mandolin slicer can save countless hours of prep work versus cutting those foods by hand. And, with the right training, a mandolin slicer can also be safer than prepping produce with an old-fashioned knife.

Consistent Cuts

The Browne-Halco Ultra Mandolin slicer comes standard with three julienne cutting blades with 2 mm for thin garnishes, 4 mm for slicing vegetables, and 10 mm for thick-cut fries. The thickness of the cut is adjustable from ultra-thin to 2/5-in. with adjustment screws.

In addition to julienne cuts, the Ultra Mandolin also produces dices for soups, salsas, and salads, waffles and crinkles for fries and chips, and diamond cuts to give an attractive presentation of all kinds of dishes, from carrots and potatoes to apples and pears.

The Ultra Cube System is built to hold up in busy commercial kitchens. Its brushed stainless steel construction is designed to last while resisting corrosion and remaining easy to clean. Polymer composite parts help make the unit lightweight and easy to handle. A non-slip coating on the mandolin's base keeps the unit firmly planted to assure operator comfort and safety, and the ergonomic, soft-grip pusher helps prevent operator fatigue.

Additional Browne Mandolin Offerings

The Ultra Cube System Mandolin slicer is only one addition to Browne-Halco's lineup of mandolin slicers. Their other offerings include the mandolin vegetable slicer that's made of long-lasting 18/10 stainless steel and a double-sided julienne blade, ideal for high-volume processing of a single product, like French fries.

Another member of Browne's mandolin family is the swing mandolin. This model includes double-sided Julienne cutting blades with 4 mm and 10 mm spacings. Like the Ultra system, it also has a thickness adjustment up to 2/5-in. Its unique base means it can be positioned over a bowl to collect products as they are sliced. Its stainless steel and polymer construction is rugged and easy to maintain. The swing mandolin is also NSF Certified

Browne foodservice mandolins are just a few of hundreds of their food prep products, which range from graters and slicers to cutting boards and timers.