Blendtec Commercial Blenders Buyers' Guide

Blendtec Commercial Blenders

Tom Dickson, the founder and CEO of Blendtec, has been tinkering with blenders since the 1970s, and his drive for constant improvement has resulted in some of the strongest, most durable commercial blenders available. This innovation also resulted in a viral YouTube marketing campaign that has been entrancing audiences for more than 10 years: "Will It Blend?" features Dickson using the company's blenders to pulverize everything from rakes and iPhones to glass marbles and golf balls. Although employees in restaurants, bars, and cafes probably won't need to blend anything but fruits and vegetables, operators can be confident the "World's Most Advanced Blenders" will stand up to their most demanding tasks. This guide breaks down the differences between each Blendtec commercial blender and their components to help you find the right one for your foodservice operation.

Blendtec Blades

The blades that come with different jars vary in size, but they are all blunt. While it may seem counterintuitive, this means the blenders actually work faster, as blunt blades are much stronger than a blade with a thin, brittle point. Blunt blades crush and pulverize ingredients instead of having to slice through them, resulting in a faster blend and improved consistency in the final product.

Blendtec blades are as much as 80 percent thicker than most competitors' blades and are constructed of cold-forged steel, making them as much as 10 times stronger. In addition to the strength of the blade itself, the drive socket is made out of metal and will never need to be replaced, unlike less-durable models with plastic drive sockets. The drive socket connects the blade to the powerful blender motor to spin the blade at more than 300 miles per hour to achieve a smooth blend for frozen beverages, salsas, and more.

Blendtec Jar Types

Every Blendtec commercial blender is compatible with the company's three commercial jars, so operators can keep an assortment of jars on hand for different blending needs. All the jars are made of Eastman Tritan copolyester1, a BPA-free plastic known for its strength and glass-like clarity. This plastic is also lightweight, so the jars are easy to handle for dispensing and cleaning. Each jar is designed to direct food down into the blade, eliminating the need for a plunger.

  • FourSide Jar™: As its name suggests, this jar features a four-sided design that tapers slightly to the bottom, working with gravity to force ingredients down into the path of the blade. This jar can hold 75 ounces, but it's recommended that it not be filled past the 32-ounce line, the maximum measurement marked on the jar. These jars are available in a standard clear version or in several colors to help prevent cross-contamination.
  • WildSide+ Jar™: The WildSide+ Jar is designed with five sides, two vertical baffles, and a larger blade for faster blending, enabling users to create an optimally blended drink in just 14 seconds. This jar design is available in two sizes: 90 ounces (recommended max fill of 36 ounces) and 46 ounces (recommended max fill of 24 ounces). Measurements on the WildSide+ jars are marked in ounces and milliliters. These are available in several colors to help prevent cross-contamination.
  • Frothing Jar™: This jar is designed exclusively to froth or aerate liquids, enabling baristas to froth large batches of milk for lattes and other coffee drinks. As with other Blendtec jars, it is recommended that users only fill this jar to the 32-ounce mark. However, a 2-quart total capacity provides plenty of room in the rest of the jar for liquids to bubble up.

Blendtec Lid Options

Operators can pair Blendtec blenders with four lid options: the Vented Gripper™ lid, the Latching Lid™, and a soft or hard flat lid. The Vented Gripper lid enables you to add ingredients without removing the lid but does not provide an airtight seal, so steam can escape when blending hot liquids to prevent the buildup of potentially problematic pressure. The Latching Lid includes four side latches to securely seal the blender's contents inside during the blending process and has a removable center cap for users to add other ingredients. The most basic types of Blendtec lids, hard and soft lids, do not provide any venting and can work under sound enclosures, but only the hard lid is available in colors other than black to incorporate into an allergen program.

For quickly rinsing jars in between batches, consider investing in a rapid rinse station, which enables users to rinse jars in as few as 7 seconds. It also has room to store jars when they are not being used.

Blendtec Commercial Blenders

Whether your operation needs a commercial blender to make drinks, prep food, or do a little of both, Blendtec has the right blender for any menu. Budget-minded buyers may consider the EZ 600 or Chef 600, which feature easy-to-operate controls and are recommended for 60 or more daily blends. Those who need premium performance and maximum output may prefer the Connoisseur 825 or the Stealth 885 with sound enclosures and programmable cycles. To blend single-serving drinks, consider the Stealth 895 NBS for its jarless nitro blending system. Check the comparison chart below to decide which Blendtec blender your business needs.

EZ 600Chef 600Connoisseur 825Coinnoisseur 825 SpacesaverStealth 885Stealth 895 NBS
Blendtec EZ-600Blendtec Chef-600Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Blendtec Connoisseur 825 SpacesaverBlendtec Stealth 885 Blendtec Stealth NBS
Designed ForBeveragesFoodBeveragesBeveragesFood and beveragesFood and beverages
Recommended Use60+ daily blends60+ daily blends150+ daily blends150+ daily blends200+ daily blends200+ daily blends
Program CyclesSmall
Pulse (low and high)
30 preprogrammed cycles
USB programmability
Customizable blend cycles
30 preprogrammed cycles42 preprogrammed cycles
Customizable blend cycles
42 preprogrammed cycles
Customizable blend cycles
ControlsLCD display with push-button controlsLCD display with push-button controlsLCD display with push-button controlsLCD display with push-button controlsIlluminated OLED display with touchpad controlsIlluminated OLED display with touchpad controls
Sound Enclosure?NoNoYesNoYesYes
Dimensions7 in. W x 8 in. D x 15 in. H7 in. W x 8 in. D x 15 in. H9 in. W x 9 in. D x 18.7 in. H9 in. W x 9 in. D x 18.7 in. H8.6 in. W x 9 in. D x 17.3 in. H8.6 in. W x 9 in. D x 17.3 in. H
Nitro Blending System
5 in. W x 4.25 in. D x 9.5 in. H
Motor3.0 peak horsepower3.0 peak horsepower3.8 peak horsepower3.8 peak horsepower3.8 peak horsepower3.8 peak horsepower
  1. Tritan Overview. Eastman. Accessed May 2016.