Beverage-Air offers extra protection with standard 3-year warranty

Bev-Air Sets 3-year Warranty
Commercial refrigerator manufacturer Beverage-Air has announced a 3-year warranty on its units and 5-years of protection on its compressors.

Dozens of commercial refrigerator models in the Beverage-Air lineup now come with a cool add-on: The extra protection of a 3-year warranty, replacing the old industry-standard 1-year parts and labor warranty. That means coverage for two extra years for defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Plus, the company now offers a 5-year compressor parts warranty.

The Beverage-Air DD941-B Beer Kegerator system is now covered by a 3-year warranty.

That comes at no additional cost to the customers who buy Beverage-Air’s commercial refrigerator units. They just sit back and take delivery on some great units with the extra protection of a 3-year warranty. Beverage-Air does the rest, providing replacement of any equipment that doesn’t perform up to the company’s exacting standards under normal use within three years from the date of shipment.

An extended warranty for compressors on Beverage-Air commercial refrigerators

On top of the standard 3-year parts and labor warranty, Beverage-Air has also announced a total 5-year parts warranty for hermetically- and semi-hermetically-sealed compressors in its commercial refrigerator units. That means extra protection for the most vital part of each unit.

Beverage-Air commercial refrigerator units, like the BM23-B Beer Kegerator, now come with a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Beverage-Air is known for producing premium commercial refrigerator systems that help keep drinks cold from bottle or keg to glass. The flagships of the company’s lines are the bar equipment, which includes underbar and back-of-bar refrigerators, bottle coolers, kegerators, and direct draw beer refrigerators, or tap systems.

The company’s offerings go beyond commercial refrigerators for bars, though. In its lines are reach-in and roll-in refrigerators, milk coolers, frozen novelty cases, glass door and open-air merchandisers, deli cases, blast chillers and freezers, and food preparation units.

The extra protection of a 3-year warranty comes standard with this Beverage-Air DW49B Bottle Cooler commercial refrigerator.

The fine print on this Beverage-Air commercial refrigeration 3-year warranty

The new 3-year warranty from Beverage-Air comes standard on self-contained models sold to businesses within the United States and Canada after Jan. 1, 2013. Parts that normally receive heavy wear, like light bulbs and door gaskets, are excluded from the coverage. Additionally, the company’s CF commercial refrigerators and CT commercial refrigerators will retain their 1-year parts and labor warranty for all elements of those units.