Advance Tabco Work Tables

A Wealth of Work Tables from Advance Tabco

Advance Tabco has been producing quality stainless steel fixtures since 1929, giving the company more than 80 years of experience providing restaurants with tables, sinks, shelving, and more. The stainless steel work table is a necessary fixture in nearly every commercial kitchen, but the way yours will be used can help you determine which type will best benefit your kitchen. Whether you are setting up a dishroom or a food prep station, Advance Tabco has the stainless steel work table you need.

Table Materials

Advance Tabco is known for its work with stainless steel, and while the majority of its tables are constructed with this durable material, some make use of different tops designed for specific applications. Poly-Vance© plastic tabletops are available for use as a cutting surface. These are removable for cleaning and sanitizing, and are reversible to extend their usable lives. They can also be replaced separately, so you don't have to buy a new table when the top is worn out. Wood tabletops are preferred by bakers for the stick-resistant work surfaces they provide. Flat wood tabletops are available, as are those with risers on three sides to help contain powdery ingredients and soft doughs, a design commonly known as bakers' tables.

If you're looking for a stainless steel table, you have several options to consider. Advance Tabco stainless steel work tables are available in 14-, 16-, and 18-gauge metal.

  • 14-gauge tables are the most heavy-duty stainless steel table Advance Tabco offers, often favored by butchers and restauranteurs who prepare a lot of meat. That's because this type can withstand the impacts of heavy cleavers and tenderizers.
  • 16-gauge tables are the industry standard, ideal for mixing or chopping ingredients and small equipment use and storage.
  • 18-gauge stainless steel tables make up the Advance Tabco economy line, suitable for light food prep, sorting, assembling, and other light-duty kitchen tasks.

Each of these table gauges are available in complete stainless steel construction or with a stainless steel top and a galvanized steel frame. Stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to corrosion, but galvanized steel is less of an upfront investment.

Table Construction

Advance Tabco work tables are available in sizes as compact as 24 inches and as long as 144 inches, but filler tables from 15 to 18 inches are available as well to work space in oddly-sized areas and L-shaped tables help make the best use of corners. These can be ordered with flat tops or backsplashes from 112 to 10 inches tall that help contain ingredients and prevent liquids from splashing onto nearby walls or equipment. Alternatively, Advance Tabco also offers a no-drip edge, also called a marine edge, which is slightly raised all the way around to prevent liquid from running off the table, keeping your kitchen cleaner and safer for your employees. Tables with 3-inch raised edges are also available for sorting food products, with the raised edge helping keep loose items contained.

There are also several storage options to consider when you're shopping for a work table. If you will be storing large equipment on the floor under the table, you can opt for an open base. If you want to store food products or smaller items, you may prefer to have a stainless steel or galvanized undershelf. Undershelves are adjustable and, as long as they are 6 inches or more from the floor, can be used to store food. Cabinet bases are available as well, and can be open in the front or have sliding or swing-out doors. Drawers are also available for work tables for storing and organizing small items.

Special Features

Advance Tabco offers a number of special features that allow you to customize your work table to meet the needs of your commercial kitchen. Some of these are standard on certain models, but in most cases will need to either be part of a special order or ordered separately and installed in the field.

  • An integral sink can be used as a handwashing station, a scrap sink in dishrooms, or to wash produce for food prep. These are available with or without faucets already built in and some of the two-section sink models also come with a sliding cutting board to simplify food prep.
  • Casters are available for tables that may need to be moved frequently for transporting food items or equipment, or just to make cleaning underneath easier. When casters are not needed, adjustable bullet feet come standard on all Advance Tabco tables.
  • Tilting mirrors are available to turn a work table into a demo table. These large mirrors mount on poles over the tables and can be adjusted to make the chef's work more visible to viewers.
  • A wall-mount table may be an option for sturdy work space that doesn’t require a footprint. These tables make cleaning the floor underneath simple as there are no table legs or shelves to work around, while the wall-mounted installation allows users to decide the table's working height and resolves any worries about uneven flooring hindering installation.
  • In addition to undershelves, Advance Tabco offers shelving and pan racks that can be mounted over the tables. These can add additional storage to any work table to keep dishes and supplies close at hand to help streamline your kitchen's workflow.

If you cannot find what you need in pre-fabricated options, Advance Tabco also offers custom tables, as well as custom graphics on laminate designs. To get started on a custom order, call KaTom at 1-800-541-8683.