Which Fryer Is The Right Fryer?

The right fryer is the one that is designed to cook the foods you offer on your menu. This helps produce a healthier, higher-quality food product and extends the life of the oil. To find the perfect fryer for your operation, read over the following fry pot styles, then evaluate your menu to determine which fryer is best suited to the foods you fry.

In the broadest sense, there are two categories of fryers - those with sediment collection zones and those without. Sediment zones optimize the fry cycle by allowing particles from the food to precipitate away from the cooking area into a location at the bottom of the fryer called the cold zone. Here it is able to accumulate in the more temperate, less turbulent area of the frypot.

Another benefit of sediment zones is oil longevity. This is because sediment falls out - or precipitates - and is captured in the sediment zone. Not only do these zones reduce carbonization and contaminants, they enhance the filtration process and extend oil life. Different types of fryers offer different cold zone collection options.

Open pot fryers have heating conductors outside the frypot and deep internal sediment collection zones inside the frypot. This makes these types of fryers ideal for non-battered foods such as French Fries and lightly battered foods and appetizers like cheese sticks, mushrooms and prepackaged food items. This type of fryer allows every inch of the frypot to be easily accessed and cleaned.

Flat Bottom fryers have NO sediment collection or cold zones. This makes this type of fryer best suited for wet battered products such as hand-battered fresh fish, blooming onions, funnel cakes and specialty items. With a flat-bottom design, sediment and contaminants are in direct contact with the heat conducting fryer bottom, exposing these for longer periods of time to the highest temperatures in the frypot. This can lead to more rapid oil decomposition, increased carbonization and accelerated formation of contaminant compounds in the oil.

Electric fryers with lift out elements also share the open pot design of a deep "V" shaped cold zone, but have electric elements located inside the frypot. This makes electric fryers with lift-out elements good for battered, non-battered or breaded foods. In fact, electric fryers with lift-out elements are good for almost any food you can fry.