Wells Ventless Hoods - open a world of opportunities!

Have questions about ventless hoods and how they can benefit your business? Well, KaTom is here to help! Learn how ventless hoods can eliminate obstacles, purify the air, and increase safety and productivity in your restaurant.

I’ve got the vapors: Eliminate challenges in ventilation

For countless years restaurants were limited by the need to have a way to release air captured by their hood systems. Want to open a burger joint in an interior area of a first-floor? You’re probably out of luck. You've designed your kitchen around existing plumbing, only to find out there’s no way to install a duct in that area? Again, your effort may be stopped before the first course is served. Leasing a storefront where the landlord doesn’t want holes in the walls or says he’ll keep a ducted vent when you move? What’s a person to do?

Fortunately, those limitations are now a thing of the past with the advent of Wells’ Certified Type I ventless hood systems, which purify air to better than EPA standards without an exhaust requirement. They open a whole world of possibilities, meaning you can now get cooking in places like historic buildings that can’t be modified to accommodate ducts, basements, high rise buildings, or any other location where the need for a vented hood would make operation impossible.

Clearing the air: How Wells ventless hoods work

These Wells models function in a similar manner to typical vented hoods in at least the first part of the process of handling air. A fan inside the unit creates a vortex that draws cooking air in and through a stainless steel baffle filter, much like those on typical ventilation systems. In this stage, some particulate matter is caught by the baffle, while that which isn’t is cooled and begins to collect together. Those little assemblages are snagged by a fire-rated fiberglass filter seated just behind the baffle. Finally, a HEPA and high-carbon charcoal filter pack removes very fine particulates and some odors, clearing the air before it’s released out the top of the unit.

That first step, stainless steel baffle can easily get its prescribed daily cleaning in a sink or ware washer, if yours is indicated to be safe for those machines. Meanwhile, the fiberglass filter should be replaced frequently as it becomes too saturated to function effectively. The exact time between those changes will vary depending on how heavily the hood is used. Finally, the HEPA and charcoal filter pack shouldn’t need to receive regular maintenance or be swapped-out often provided the other two stages are kept in good working order. All of that means a system that exceeds EPA standards for particulate emissions.

Ventless hoods play well with others

One especially nice feature about the Wells ventless hoods offered by KaTom is that the free-standing units are designed to be universal, meaning they’ll work over just about any piece of cooking equipment in a commercial kitchen. Everything from fryers to griddles to ranges are well-served by ventless hoods, which come in 24-, 48-, and 96-inch models.

Safety is in the air

These systems are impressively safe, with a 1.5-gallon ANSUL fire suppression tank and actuator built in. The extinguisher will activate automatically if sensors in the unit determine that there is a fire. Additionally, it can be turned on manually through a pull on the front of the vent system. Having the fire suppression system built-in saves space in the kitchen over having it mounted on a wall nearby while still keeping employees and your investment safe.

These hoods also include an interlock system that works with the cooking unit to protect against inappropriate operation. If any of the filters are not in place or are not installed correctly, the heating elements won’t be allowed to power up.

It’s all under the hood

Like those safety measures, many of the most impressive functions of these ventless hoods are hidden inside the 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel. An airflow sensing system monitors the unit to ensure optimal performance and grease removal, while an early warning system indicating the need for filter replacement provides for a safer and more efficient work environment.

KaTom offers all three available sizes of free-standing Wells ventless hood systems. Contact a customer service representative to buy a Wells Ventless Hood today!