Update International Coffee Accessories Buyers' Guide

Update International Coffee

Known best for supplying quality coffee servers and flatware, Update International has been providing products to the foodservice and beverage industries for more than 30 years. KaTom offers a variety of Update products, including several types of coffee accessories that might be perfect for your business.

Coffee Decanters & Dispensers

An Update coffee decanter, available with a black lid for regular coffee or an orange lid to designate decaf, is essential to any business with coffee service. The company offers traditional decanters, which can hold 64 ounces, in full stainless steel construction, or with a stainless steel bottom and tempered plastic top.

Update coffee dispensers are available in sizes ranging from .59 liters to 3 liters, and are most frequently constructed of stainless steel with a black handle and base. A black and gold combination, constructed out of plastic, is also available to add a splash of color to your beverage station.

Black or white 42- and 64-ounce beverage servers, constructed out of plastic with an insulating glass liner, are also available. Specialty options in this category include a premium 50-ounce carafe, a 12-ounce Turkish coffee decanter, and a white, gold-accented coffee urn with a 3-gallon capacity.

Airpots, Racks, & Drip Trays

Although you can use airpots to keep coffee warm after it's brewed in a traditional decanter or coffee pot, brewers made for brewing directly into an airpot are also available. Airpots are capable of keeping coffee warm without the use of an outside heating source, which is convenient and keeps coffee tasting fresher. These Update airpots, available with a stainless steel or black exterior, come in sizes ranging from .59 liters to 3 liters and are available with lever or push-button functionality for easy dispensing.

If you'll be utilizing an airpot to serve coffee, you'll want to invest in coffee accessories like airpot racks and drip trays. Tiered airpot racks, available with one tier that can hold two airpots or two tiers that can hold a total of four airpots, are a simple way to help keep your airpots organized for customers or employees. Drip trays, an easy way to keep beverage stations clean, can be octagonal without a sponge or rectangular with or without a sponge, and are constructed of either stainless steel or black plastic.

Tea Necessities

If you also want to offer tea, check out their selection of teapots. Constructed with attractive and durable stainless steel, these teapots are capable of holding 10, 20, 32, or 48 ounces. If iced tea is on your menu, consider a 3-gallon iced tea dispenser with an ice core center.