Indigo Ice Machines of The Future

Indigo Ice Machine

the Indigo Ice Machine from ManitowacManitowoc's newest line of ice machines stand for one thing -- ice assurance. We here at KaTom are counting down the hours until Manitowoc releases this very special ice machine. Equipped with space age technology, Manitowoc's Indigo line is truly the future of ice machines everywhere. The Intelligent Diagnostics keep close tabs on the machine to ensure it is running at peak performance all the time. While monitoring itself 24 hours a day, the Indigo continuously reevaluates its health to make sure it's running at peak performance.

When problems do arise, the Diagnostics take note of the issue, and present it on its EasyRead display illuminated by a powerful yet soft blue light. This allows problems to be diagnosed more quickly and cuts down on machine down time. The EasyRead Display supplies visual information such as instructions, warnings or even the cleaning status. Set your native language and prepare for an ice machine that talks back -- simple to understand messages are delivered using icons to denote how serious the nature of the notification is. With this ice machine's Active Clean feature, cleaning your ice machine will never be a hassle again. Active Clean works to keep deposits at a minimum so your ice is as pure as driven snow. Using technology called the LuminIce Growth Inhibitor, the Indigo slows the growth of mold, yeast and bacteria.Rest assured you will always have ice on hand when you need it with the Indigo's Ice Assurance feature.

The Indigo is equipped with technology to measure how much ice is on hand, how thick the ice is and even to adjust water to improve ice quality. Manitowoc puts the power in your hands. In addition to carrying an ENERGY STAR rating The Indigo allows owners to manipulate how much ice and energy is made throughout the day. To top it off, this machine's ice making schedule is programmable to allow ice to be made during the hours of lowest electrical cost and in accordance with busy and slow times of the day. Don't stop in the middle ground. Go straight to the ice machine with the best assets. Manitowoc isn't know world wide for nothing; the Indigo is just one testament of their dedication to the future of all ice machines.