Bakers Pride extended warranty available for school foodservice operations

Bakers Pride is offering school cafeterias the protection of an extended warranty on convection oven purchases.

Most any elementary school student can tell you that two is more than one and three is more than two. Now, thanks to Bakers Pride, that simple math has become a big benefit as the company offers a complimentary extended warranty for select full-size convection ovens for purchases by school cafeterias.

Bakers Pride is providing the enhanced protection for every one of their full-size convection ovens, both gas ovens and electric ovens, in the BCO series, all of which have independent doors, and the GDCO series, which have synchronized doors. The BCO series now comes with a two-year parts and labor extended warranty. Meanwhile, GDCO models get a three-year parts and labor extended warranty.

The extra protection comes with the single- and double-deck convection oven models listed below:

Bakers Pride is offering extended warranty protection on convection ovens, like this BCOE12081, purchased by school cafeterias.

BCO Series

* BCO-G1 single-deck gas ovens

* BCO-G2 double-deck gas ovens

* BCO-E1 single-deck electric ovens

* BCO-E2 double-deck electric ovens

GDCO Series

* GDCO-G1 single-deck gas ovens

* GDCO-G2 double-deck gas ovens

* GDCO-E1 single-deck electric ovens

*GDCO-E2 double-deck electric ovens

For years the folks in school cafeterias across America have trusted Bakers Pride convection ovens to provide consistent and even heating for everything from meatloaf to pizza. They’re great for high-volume roasting, small-batch gentle baking, and even for kitchens where preparing meals a la cart means opening and closing the oven doors frequently.

Every Bakers Pride convection oven included in the extended warranty offer is ENERGY STAR rated, meaning they come loaded with potential savings. They’re also built to be reliable, with solid stainless steel construction, and easy to use, with simple rotary controls and timers on every. Those are all big pluses for school cafeterias, as is the extra protection.

Bakers Pride has produced a flyer announcing this offer of extra protection.

For more information about this special extended warranty offer on Bakers Pride convection ovens for school cafeterias, please call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 800.541-8683 or e-mail us at