Bobrick Toilet Partitions Buyer's Guide

Toilet Partitions

DuraLine Series, Handicap Accessible Alcove, Overhead Bracing, Class A,72-77in L
DuraLine Series
Classic Series, Handicap Accessible Alcove, Floor-Anchored Bracing, 72-77in L
Classic Series
Sierra Series Single Toilet Partition, Corner Layout Design, Overhead Bracing
Sierra Series
Designer Series, Handicap Accessible Alcove, Overhead Bracing, 78 - 84in L
Designer Series
TrimLine Series, Handicap Accessible Alcove, Overhead Bracing, 79-84in L
TrimLine Series

Toilet partitions are a necessary part of any restroom. Restroom partitions are used in nearly all businesses, from schools and restaurants to Fortune 500 companies. These partitions provide privacy for you, your employees, and your customers while they are in the restroom area, allowing them to feel more comfortable in your business. Bathroom stalls can set the mood of your restroom area, making the room seem fun and casual or giving it a high-class, business-like appeal. All of the toilet partitions offered through KaTom Restaurant Supply are produced by our trusted manufacturer Bobrick.

Types of Toilet Partitions

Bobrick offers five different lines of toilet partitions to choose from, the DuraLine Series, the Classic Series, the Sierra Series, the Designer Series, or the TrimLine Series. The DuraLine Series is constructed of a durable, ultra-hard surface that has a stout core. The moisture-resistant partitions are ideal for areas that have to be hosed down. These units resist scratching, gouging, dents, and other impacts and are ideal for heavy-traffic areas such as schools, stadiums, and theme parks.

The Classic Series toilet partitions are priced for the budget-conscious consumer. These units are constructed from dent, scratch, and corrosion resistant materials. The durable surface makes the ideal for heavy-traffic areas such as retail stores, foodservice businesses, and industrial washrooms. Paint and markers can be easily cleaned off, making these great any business that does not have a lot of extra time to spend on maintenance.

Sierra Series toilet partitions are a solid color all the way through, which makes them easy to clean and repair. These durable partitions feature a GraffitiOff Surface, which allows for easy removal of paint, markers, ink, and any type of graffiti without leaving any "ghosting" behind. These units are scratch, gouge, dent, and impact resistant, making them excellent for use in schools, stadiums, and theme parks.

Designer Series toilet partitions have a steel reinforced core with durable plastic laminate surfaces. The hardware of these units is cleverly concealed to make them more visually appealing. The walls of the partitions can be easily cleaned, and do not leave behind any evidence of "ghosting" of graffiti. The scratch, gouge, dent, and impact resistant exterior makes them ideal for any high-volume area, such as retail, foodservice, or industrial washrooms.

Toilet Partition Specialty Options

Bobrick toilet partitions can be purchased with the specialty option of an occupancy indicator. A color coded occupancy indication can be very useful to assist your customers in choosing which stall to enter. An occupancy indicator eliminates the risk of an embarrassing incident.

Additional Information about Toilet Partitions

Additional information about toilet partitions can be obtained by visiting the Bobrick Toilet Partition section of the website or contacting KaTom customer service where a live, knowledgeable customer service representative will gladly assist you.