Help the earth as you serve diners with the help of 500Gallons

Great news for businesses who are ready to go green. Not only does KaTom provide all the energy efficient appliances you need, but EnergyStar has announced that a new web application called 500Gallons has been launched to help restaurants better understand the opportunities for increased sustainability in their operations, including tips that focus on energy and water efficiency.

500Gallons makes going green a breeze

This user-friendly application will help restaurant owners or consultants create, track, and market sustainable operations. Using customizable actions from an extensive database, restaurants can obtain a tailored list of tasks to consider undertaking – all based on specifics such as location, capacity, and utility costs.

According to the founder, Amber Sharma, "Restaurants today want to be green for a variety of reasons ranging from increased cost savings and increased equipment efficiency, to boosting restaurant traffic. Yet, they are often hampered by lack of knowledge, an inability to invest a lot of time and money or a lack of a prescriptive method to go green. This is where 500Gallons comes to their rescue."

Some of the incredible tools featured in this application are return on investment (ROI) calculators to estimate returns on initial investments, payback time, or energy and water saved and the ability to schedule and track equipment maintenance.

The 500Gallons application is a beneficial tool for any business that wants to improve sustainability in its operations. To learn more about how this tool could benefit your business, visit the 500Gallons website! And to shop for EnergyStar appliances, visit the KaTom website!