Shelf Accessories

These accessories are available so you can get the most out of your shelving. Snap-on labels and color identification tubes make it simple to find the products you need. Shelf dividers help segregate different areas, while shelf ledges keep items from falling off. S-hooks allow you to connect a new shelving unit with an existing one, allowing them to share stability. Clamps, brackets, caps, leveling assemblies, and casters are also available. More

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Advance Tabco EGP-74
Advance Tabco EGP-74 Green Epoxy Post - 74" H

KaTom #: 009-EGP74X

$8.40 / Each
Focus FL604C
Focus FL604C Shelf Ledges, Chrome, 60 in W x 4 in H

KaTom #: 268-FL604C

$20.21 / Pack of 2
John Boos EPS-D18-G/B
John Boos EPS-D18-G/B 18-in Epoxy Divider

KaTom #: 416-EPSD18GB

$5.18 / Each
Focus FSD24BK
Focus FSD24BK Black Epoxy Shelf Divider, 24 x 8 in

KaTom #: 268-FSD24BK

$34.60 / Set of 4
New Age 2036UB
New Age 2036UB U-Brace For 20x36-in Shelves

KaTom #: 098-2036UB

$42.00 / Each
Focus FCT8YL
Focus FCT8YL 8 in Yellow Color Identification Tube

KaTom #: 268-FCT8YL

$41.23 / Pack of 12
Focus FL484BK
Focus FL484BK Black Epoxy Shelf Ledge, 48 x 4 in

KaTom #: 268-FL484BK

$38.33 / Set of 4
John Boos EPS-L72-B
John Boos EPS-L72-B Epoxy Shelf Ledge, 72x4", Epoxy

KaTom #: 416-EPSL72B

$10.35 / Each
Focus FPSL1448CL
Focus FPSL1448CL Clear Plastic Shelf Inlay, 14 x 48 in

KaTom #: 268-FPSL1448CL

$24.93 / Set of 4
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When selecting the right accessories, ensure that you choose those from the same manufacturer as your shelving. Accessories from different manufacturers might not fit.


One of the most useful and necessary shelf accessories, a divider helps segregate different areas of your shelves for different products. They can keep your shelves from getting too cluttered and prevent misplacement of items. Chrome or epoxy dividers are available in several different widths.


Many operators prefer moveable shelves. Besides making it easier to transport products, they also make it significantly easier to clean the floor underneath. You can buy casters to make your stationary shelving mobile or to replace worn wheels.


A ledge can prevent items from falling off the sides or back edge of your shelf. Typically designed for wire shelves, these units can be made out of epoxy-coated metal or chrome. Both materials are rust resistant and durable. They are available in a range of different widths and heights.

Split Sleeves

Split sleeves are designed to hold wire shelves in place. Two half pieces of plastic snap together around the post, and the shelf is dropped over the sleeves, which hold it snugly in place. You may wish to purchase them to replace broken split sleeves or to add an additional shelf to your unit.

When placing a split sleeve on a post, make sure to place it on the same position on all four posts. Shelving posts are ribbed to hold the sleeves in place, and manufactures often number each section, making it easy to ensure your shelf is even.

Basket Shelf

A basket attaches to the end of a shelf, allowing you to store small items. They can also be used to store utensils or linens.


A great way to keep items organized in your storage area is to label your shelves. We have several different types of labels available, including tubes that can be used to color-code individual shelves. We also have label holders that attach to the shelf.


S-hooks can be used to allow two different shelving units to share two common posts. This method is used to connect two shelving units in line or at a corner. If you already have an existing unit and want to expand it for a low cost, consider buying S-hooks to connect a new unit to the existing one. These are also used to add stability to individual shelving units by connecting them.

Polymer Mat

A polymer mat can provide some of the benefits of a polymer shelf, including cleanability and the ability to store small items that could fall between the gaps of wire shelving. These mats slip over the top of special wire shelf frames and are easily removable for quick cleaning. You can either wash them by hand or wash them in a commercial dishwasher. Solid or louvered models are available.


Over time, the feet on your model may become worn and need to be replaced. Or, you may wish to replace the casters on your model with feet to make them stationary. Either way, we have several different types of replacement feet available for your shelving unit. Anchored feet are available that bolt to the floor, while more standard ones sit on the floor and don't require the drilling of holes.