Winco Beverage Servers

Don't bother heating and reheating beverages when you can use Winco beverage servers that keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods.

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Winco CO-712
Winco CO-712 Economy Waiters Cork Screw, Black

KaTom #: 080-CO712

In Stock
$1.28 / Each
Winco BR-25
Winco BR-25 25" Urn Brush

KaTom #: 080-BR25

In Stock
$1.63 / Each
Winco BS15
Winco BS15 15-oz Bar Shaker

KaTom #: 080-BS15

In Stock
$1.49 / Each
Winco BST-4P
Winco BST-4P 4-Prong Bar Strainer, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-BST4P

In Stock
$1.10 / Each
Winco CO-711
Winco CO-711 Economy Waiters Cork Screw, Natural

KaTom #: 080-CO711

In Stock
$1.39 / Each
Winco WC-7M
Winco WC-7M 4.5" Round Wine Cooler, White Marble

KaTom #: 080-WC7M

In Stock
$15.97 / Each
Winco WP-14
Winco WP-14 14-oz Pitcher, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-WP14

$4.33 / Each
Winco PPR-2B
Winco PPR-2B Liquor Pourer - Free Flow, Blue

KaTom #: 080-PPR2B

$1.47 / Dozen
Winco PTP-20B
Winco PTP-20B 20-oz Pebbled Tumbler, Blue

KaTom #: 080-PTP20B

In Stock
$9.20 / Dozen
Winco PPA-087
Winco PPA-087 .875-oz Measuring Pourer w/ Blue Tail

KaTom #: 080-PPA087

$16.33 / Dozen
Winco PTP-08C
Winco PTP-08C 8-oz Pebbled Tumbler, Clear

KaTom #: 080-PTP08C

In Stock
$4.65 / Dozen
Winco PTP-12A
Winco PTP-12A 12-oz Pebbled Tumbler, Amber

KaTom #: 080-PTP12A

In Stock
$5.78 / Dozen
Winco PTP-32B
Winco PTP-32B 32-oz Pebbled Tumbler, Blue

KaTom #: 080-PTP32B

In Stock
$12.42 / Dozen
Winco WP-33
Winco WP-33 33-oz Pitcher, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-WP33

In Stock
$8.64 / Each
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