Premium Anti-Fatigue Mats from WellnessMats


WellnessMats, headquartered in Troy, Mich., manufactures premium anti-fatigue floor mats that are made in America at its St. Louis facility. It specializes in mats for both home and professional chefs who want additional comfort in the kitchen. They're also a benefit to servers and other employees who spend several hours a day on their feet. The company's mats offer a number of health benefits and are also environmentally-friendly.

The Benefits of WellnessMats

As one of the American Chiropractic Association's corporate partners, the company understands the importance of physical comfort and knows how to address the stress that standing for long periods of time places on the lower body. These anti-fatigue mats are made with Advanced Polyurethane Technology, or APT, which has been engineered to provide optimal comfort, performance, and longevity. The mats are 34-inch thick and include a supportive core that displaces and suspends the user's body weight. This thickness, combined with the use of APT, helps relieve back, leg, hip, and foot pain by absorbing shock and promoting enhanced circulation in the legs.

In addition to those advanced materials, these anti-fatigue mats have the added value of durable, one-piece construction, as opposed to being made up of several different layers that are fused together. The mat's 20-degree beveled edge prevents tripping and won't curl over time, while its resistance to slipping means it will stay firmly in place. This mat is uniquely suited to a restaurant environment because it is flame-resistant up to 400 degrees F. The mat's appearance will hold up over time, as it is also resistant to staining and puncturing.

WellnessMats products are a low-maintenance solution that doesn't require any special upkeep and can be spot cleaned with a broom, vacuum, and mop, or cleaned more thoroughly with mild soap and water. Although these mats are designed to provide long-term comfort, they are completely recyclable when you're done using them.

Finding the Right Shape & Style

WellnessMats makes anti-fatigue floor mats in a number of shapes to help you find the best fit for your space. Standard mats are three feet long and two feet wide, or six feet long and two feet wide. The company also makes the Puzzle Piece series, which features interlocking mats to fit perfectly into a corner, form L-shaped configurations, or create longer, runner-style mats. If you need a mat to fit a difficult space or require a unique shape, the mat's one-piece construction allows it to be cut without compromising its performance.

To help you incorporate these anti-fatigue mats into any space, they are available in a variety of different styles. Mats come with and without decorative patterns, and they're available in basic colors, like black, brown, burgundy, gray, and tan, or in more decorative colors like granite copper and granite steel.