Water Heater

Hot water is vital to businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry due to its uses in cleaning, cooking, and even beverages. If you're in the market for a quality commercial water heater then you’re in luck! No matter if you need a commercial water heater for sanitizing or for rethermalizing food items KaTom sells the models you need! Check out the prices for our extensive stock of commercial water heaters and be satisfied in knowing that your order is in great hands.

Water Heater Filter

Using a water heater filter with the booster heater required for your high-temp dishwasher should provide cleaner dishes and a longer dish machine life.

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Food Rethermalizer / Bain Marie

A food rethermalizer or bain marie takes chilled or frozen foods and warms them to safe temperatures. Frequently used by caterers, these devices can also keep f...

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Sanitizing Sink Heater

A sanitizing sink heater provides water at temperatures above the 180 degrees required for proper sanitation after hand washing. These units are designed to be...

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You can get the 180 degree F water required for high-temp warewashers with the help of a booster heater. These units take in your heated water and quickly raise...