No More Calling the Kettle Black with Vollrath’s Color Collection Stock Pot Rethermalizer

Vollrath Color Collection

Are your soup sales at a standstill? Do you ever feel like your displays could use a makeover? No need to worry a moment longer, because Vollrath has created a solution to your problem. The new retro stock pot kettle rethermalizer combines the best of heavy-duty with a bright new look to draw restaurant goers to your piping hot kettles of soup.

Available in five vibrant colors, your soup is sure to stand out in these retro rethermalizers. They can be ordered in Apple Green, Pearl White, Fire Engine Red, Black Black, or Natural. Just imagine how those bright colors will pop out in your dining room.

Vollrath went a step beyond aesthetic appeal to guarantee that the stock pot rethermalizer meets all your operational needs as well. Equipped with a ceramic base element, the Vollrath stock pot kettle provides fast start-up and consistent performance. When it comes to rethermalizers, consistency is key to maintaining safe temperatures for all your customers.

The Vollrath Color Collection Rethermalizer is more than Just Good Looks. It’s Tough Too!

Regarding its durability, the Color Collection rethermalizer is equipped with heavy-duty handles for simple transportation and cleaning. Additionally, the exterior body is engineered to stay cool to the touch for safety and convenience while the interior can take a food item from below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 in less than two hours. Just think how you can streamline the preparation and serving process by utilizing this single visually pleasing piece.

Green Apple Rethermalizer

If it's Convenience You Need, the Retro Rethermalizer has You Covered

When it comes to convenience, Vollrath thought of that too. The kettle rethermalizers are available in 1450-watt, 7-and 11-quart sizes. All sizes come conveniently equipped with both non-skid feet and a bottom-exit 6-foot cord to keep your kettle in place and your cord safely tucked away. Plus, each stock pot rethermalizer has front access dials for easy temperature adjustment. There certainly wasn’t a detail forgotten regarding the Vollrath rethermalizer’s convenience.

Give Your Soup Sales a Colorful Boost Today

If you are interested in the new Vollrath Retro Rethermalizer or have general questions regarding retheramalizers, contact KaTom today for help with all your questions and needs. Whether you are ready to buy or still looking, we can be contacted by phone at 1-800-541-8683 or by email at