Vitro Table Bases

Find the best bases for your restaurant dining room with our fine selection of Vitro table bases.

Vitro B Series Table Bases

These Vitro B Series table bases are affordable and durable table bases.

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Vitro F & G Series Table Bases

Vitro F and G Series restaurant table bases are wall mounted cantilever style table bases.

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Vitro D Series Table Bases

These Vitro D Series table bases are a great addition to any restaurant or establishment.

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Vitro C Series Table Bases

Vitro C Series table bases are some of the sturdiest table bases in the industry.

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Vitro Fountain Style Bases

Vitro Fountain Style bases are great bases for classic retro restaurants.

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Vitro A Series Table Bases

Vitro A Series table bases come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, giving you the ability to find the perfect table base for your individual needs.

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